5000 Euros for the mayor of rentweinsdorf

5000 euros for the mayor of rentweinsdorf

The surprising turn of events for many listeners came after one and a half hours: judge uwe bauer asked the participants in the trial to come into the conference room. After that, the appeal hearing against the rentweinsdorf mayor willi sendelbeck (SPD), who killed the hunting dog "alex", was held at the bamberger district court on thursday of a neighbor, in return for a fine of 5,000 euros.

At this point, the trial court had heard two of the ten witnesses called and the defendant. "I didn't shoot the dog, so I'm innocent and expect to be acquitted", sendelbeck, who had also changed his defender in the meantime, announced right at the start of the trial.

After the verdict, it sounded different: "I'm not thrilled with the decision, because I have to pay, even though I didn't do anything wrong, said the 65-year-old. "I know the file inside and out, had sleepless nights." His defense lawyer said: "it was a question of whether a conviction should be handed down on the basis of the testimonies given?"

In the meantime, sendelbeck could be seen gesticulating violently with his defense lawyer, christoph lang from munich, in the corridors of the bamberger judicial palace, while prosecutor dr. Christopher rosenbusch withdrew towards the executive suite.

New insights
Two hours after the start of the trial, judge bauer announced his "approval of the proposed procedure" – the setting, because new evidence had emerged, which made a different course of events on thursday 2011 for conceivable.

After hearing the testimony of a veterinarian and a police officer, the chairman of the chamber doubted the credibility of the other witnesses. This is also in the light of the fact that the defense requested an on-site visit to inspect the border area of the neighboring properties. It was to be clarified whether the neighbor had the possibility at all, due to the location indicated by him, to determine the position sendelbecks this morning at 6.30 o'clock to see. The judge: "I think that the defendant has honestly presented the situation." No hehl makes the judge out of the fact that he was not interested in a local appointment. "Mr. Defender, with the request for inspection I had already counted and made myself accordingly also knowledgeable."

Criticism of investigators
At the same time he denied the investigations of the criminal police, which "in april 2012 had already been able to make recordings of the circumstances". Prosecutor rosenbusch acknowledged that "the situation in april 2011 is hardly comprehensible".

Judge bauer's concerns; the different assessment of the location of one of the main witnesses, who wanted sendel-beck with a gun that morning, based on a map of the criminal investigation officer, as well as the testimony of the veterinarian who had last treated, mounted and operated on the dog. According to this, the dog "was no longer in top condition", the judge's summary, despite the two metallic particles in the animal's body. The veterinarian acknowledged that these shot balls could have been missed earlier and that the internal bleeding was more likely from a startle reaction or a reaction to the shot balls. A kick or a fall caused it.

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