Bad bruckenau music school: pin of honor for daniela wagner

bad bruckenau music school: pin of honor for daniela wagner

Hans dietrich unger, who took over the chairmanship from principal daniela wagner last february, found a well-ordered house and praised the pleasant cooperation with his ladies' team on the board at the general meeting. The connection to head daniela wagner is still excellent.

"I really enjoy the work and the harmony here at the music school at the moment", the principal also emphasized. The well-coordinated team will now remain in place for two more years, because the new election of the executive board did not result in any changes. All members were unanimously re-elected.

Pin of honor for daniela wagner
Also some honors were on the agenda. Peter probeck as well as the chairman hans dietrich unger and his wife maria received a small present for 25 years of membership in the music school association. Not present were heidrun klupfel, peter fischer, wolfgang wildenauer and andrea schneider, who have also been members for 25 years. Daniela wagner received the honorary pin of the association of bavarian singing and music schools for her 15 years of meritorious service as music school director.

246 students are currently being taught at the music school. 102 of them come from bad bruckenau, the rest from the surrounding area. The music school is an important location factor for the city, said hans dietrich unger. Those who bring their children to lessons every week also shop in bad bruckenau, and the existence of a music school for families also plays a role in the decision to move to bad bruckenau.

Unger hopes to acquire more funds and sponsors for the music school in the current year and to increase the number of members from the current 77 to 100. A new lettering is already as good as paid for and will soon be attached to the school building. On 6. April the music school is officially named after the violin virtuoso august kompel (1831 – 1891) who was born in bad bruckenau. For nine of the twelve letters of the name august kompel sponsors could already be found. One letter costs 66 euros.

Daniela wagner and hans dietrich unger thanked the many parents who volunteer for the music school throughout the year. The latest success model is catering, i.E. Serving during breaks, which the music school has now officially taken over for the annual concerts of the bavarian chamber orchestra bad bruckenau (BKO). Already the premiere at the winter concert worked out optimally.

Dependent on requesters
Although the music school closed the last school year with a slight plus, it is and will remain dependent on volunteers, supporters and sponsors. Without her, many activities were not possible. The best example is the ensemble lessons of the rock& pop class young beats. The money for the extra lessons of music teacher christian hirschler is earned by the working group young beats itself, by selling food and drinks at the more and more popular band concerts.

The music school is also pleased about a generous private donation from last year. Gerda von dieterich, a resident of the kurstift, had celebrated her 90th birthday. A wish for a birthday present and the music school was given 1000 euro. Thanks to this donation, a filing cabinet and a bass xylophone could now be purchased. The instrument is to be used primarily in early music education.

Your good contact to the kurstift benefited the music school again now. Resident doris probst had opened the meeting evening with a lecture on the life of the pianist clara schumann. The querflotenquartett isabelle bub, emma ferkinghoff, sarah hofmeister and ulrike storch provided the frame for the performance.