Bats make the schedule for the church restoration

bats make the schedule for the church restoration

"They really are excellent carpenters", confirms architect peter schickel from bamberg, who regularly consults with structural engineer udo kebler from the kulmbach office burges& dohring and the experts in the service of the kulmbach company konrad coordinates. For schickel, who by his own admission "already has more than 30 years of professional experience under his belt" has, the project in marienweiher is something special. And not only because the basilica has a very special status among the houses of god in the diocese, but the parish of the native of hollfeld itself has been making pilgrimages to marienweiher for the past 180 years.

The attraction for udo kebler is far more mundane: "a beautiful task, with a lot of architectural history, demanding preservation of historical monuments", is the statistician and can only agree with the praise for craftsmen.

Animal facts

The fact that the church roof restoration in marienweiher cannot be completed in 2012 is not only due to a rough construction schedule. There is also an animal fact behind this: various species of bats – including the very rare fringe bat – feel very much at home in the roof. This meant that the work could not be carried out before september and at the most until may. Not affected by this beastly schedule are the roofers, who will start nailing on the new slate shingles already in the next few weeks. Carpenter sven fielitz and his colleagues then move one construction site further, into the tower of the basilica, where much work still awaits them …

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