British car production continues downward trend

British car production continues downward trend

The sharp decline is partly due to the fact that several manufacturers had brought forward their factory vacations to april in order to avoid supply bottlenecks in the event of a feared brexit without an agreement on 29 january. Cushioning marz. However, the deadline for leaving the EU has now been extended to 31 december. October verlangert.

The precautionary production stop is not to be repeated for the new brexit date, according to the SMMT announcement. "Today’s figures are evidence of the significant costs and upheaval already facing the UK car industry and its employees as a result of brexit uncertainty," SMMT chief executive mike hawes said, according to the release.

The drop is considerable even without the early vacation season. Just over a fifth (22.4 percent) fewer cars were built in the uk in the twelve months to may than in the same period last year. In addition to the uncertainty surrounding the planned exit from the EU, weaker demand in the EU, china and the USA is being blamed for this.

Fears of no-deal brexit recently increased again with prime minister theresa may’s resignation announcement. Their brexit agreement negotiated with brussel had failed three times in parliament. The production decline could slow down towards the end of the year, predicted the SMMT, but only if a brexit deal came about after all.

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