At the junction of berliner ring and zollnerstrabe on sunday evening, a vw driver disregarded the red light of the traffic light and collided with a fiat driver who had the right of way. No one was injured as a result of the only slight impact between the two vehicles, but property damage of around 7000 euros was caused. Owner causes damage of 1500 euros on the employee parking lot behind a supermarket in the moosstrabe was on sunday between 0.25 and 13.30 o’clock hit the rear of a black skoda octavia. Although the person who caused the accident had caused property damage of around 1500 euros, he made off without being recognized. Bicyclist leaves high property damage on sunday evening, witnesses in the podeldorfer strabe observe two bicyclists, one of whom hit a black polo car. After the cyclist had inspected the damage caused, both of them left the scene of the accident, although property damage of about 1000 euro was caused. Based on the description of the perpetrator, they were quickly caught. Thieves in the savings bank branch on sunday at around 16.30 a.M. A woman withdrew money from a cash machine at a savings bank branch in hauptwachstrabe. The customer accidentally left her purse on the machine. When she returned to the branch at around 6 p.M., an unknown person had in the meantime stolen the brown ladies’ leather wallet with identification papers and a two-digit amount of cash.

Kulmbach siblings in the drug swamp

A pair of brothers and sisters were charged with stealing empties at the district court in kulmbach on friday. The 31-year-old woman and her 21-year-old brother, who both had a long drug career behind them and had used the money to finance their heroin use, made a comprehensive confession.

Between november 2011 and january 2012, they had penetrated the land of beverage markets in kulmbach and the kulmbach brewery and stolen empties, on one occasion ten beer crates, on another occasion eight mineral water crates. "We always did it in the evening and handed in the crates right away", the accused admitted. However, they did not make a big haul. The total damage amounted to just 300 euros.

The court sentenced the woman, who had three previous convictions, to eleven months imprisonment, suspended for three years for preservation. In addition, she must undergo inpatient drug treatment and perform 100 hours of community service.

ebay will handle payments itself in the future

Private sellers will have to wait seven days for their money under the new system, while commercial sellers will be charged an additional two percent fee. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or direct debit as well as via the in-house payment service paypal or the similar service skrill (formerly moneybookers). When the money is paid to ebay, the seller is notified and has to send the item. From the moment it has been marked as shipped, the different payout periods start. For commercial sellers who have a long ebay history and meet the platform’s minimum standards, it will be one day.

All other commercial vendors have to wait seven days for their money plus the expected shipping time. With the additional fee, all payment methods are covered – which means that today’s separate paypal fee will also be waived, ebay spokeswoman maike fuest emphasized. Private sellers will not have to pay any additional costs, and they will not have to pay the current paypal fee either.

Ebay did not need a banking license for the new system because it was not a service that required a license, fuest said. The spokeswoman did not specify an exact start date. After the launch in summer, the changeover will take a few weeks. Anyone who registers as a new trader already has to comply with the new system. Ebay tested the changed payment processing in a pilot project since the end of august 2011. According to the company, more than 500,000 seller accounts are already using the new process.

Langenleiten the "zante schlocht" is imminent. On saturday, 25. May , the tenth highlandgames will take place at 14 o’clock on the sports field langenleiten. The scottish games will start at about 3 p.M. The award ceremony will take place between 6 and 7 p.M. In the evening there will be a malle party with cocktail bar and happy hour from 8 to 9 p.M.

This year’s organizers are jens holzheimer and sabrina fritsch, the langenleiten volunteer fire department with commander steffen hildmann and the SV DJK langenleiten with chairman raphael hartmann.

According to scottish tradition

In eight disciplines the highlanders will compete against each other in this extraordinary spectacle. It is an entertaining competition according to old scottish tradition. Among other things, the teams compete in egg throwing, drinking, rubber boot throwing, rope pulling and beer crate stacking. There will also be two surprise disciplines again. The games will be held on the sports ground in langenleiten. Anyone over the age of 16 can participate.

u.s. strengthens missile defense after north korea threats

After recent threats of attack from north korea, u.S. Strengthens missile defenses. Defense secretary chuck hagel announced on friday that an additional 14 ground-launched defense missiles will be deployed in alaska in the u.S. By the end of 2017 for this purpose. In addition, a second radar system will be stationed in japan under an agreement with tokyo. As hagel went on to say, the u.S. Has informed china of these moves. In this context, the head of the pentagon explicitly mentioned the escalating situation in the conflict with north korea, but also the ongoing conflict with iran over its nuclear program.

So far, the u.S. Has deployed 30 ground-based interceptors (gbis) on the west coast, 4 in california and 26 in alaska. According to hagel, the reinforcement will cost one billion dollars (760 million euros). The minister also announced that sites on the u.S. East coast were being examined for possible further defense missiles.

According to hagel, the program for missile defense in europe is to be restructured in order to partially finance the billion-euro project. Accordingly, the originally planned fourth phase is to be cancelled. As the pentagon chief explained, this involves the deployment of defensive missiles in poland to supplement the protective shield for the american territory. The planned strengthening of the missile defense system on U.S. Soil now makes it possible to dispense with this fourth phase.

Master craftsmen in Ebern are still looking for apprentices

The call in the first week of the vacation had made a mother in the city suspicious. Whether her son would like to submit another application, as he had made a good impression during his internship?", asked the voice at the other end of the line. The head of a respected company from the ebern region was still looking for a trainee.

Otmar muller, owner of an interior design company, was no different. "Until saturday i had no junior staff." Not even one application had been received by his company in sandhof. But through a journeyman a lucky break came about: he had heard about a 16-year-old who really wanted to work with wood, but had received a rejection at short notice.

Still "hired" on saturday

Feuerbach has blossomed

From a gray town to a pretty village in 15 years: feuerbach’s image as a place has been enormously upgraded during this time. It is a result of the village renewal program, into which the wiesentheid district slipped just in time in 1999. Only recently did the sparing program come to an end with the reconstruction of the road and sidewalk in the direction of rudenhausen.

Feuerbacher renate sauerbrey puts it in a nutshell: when she first came to the then gray and dreary town in the mid-nineties, she was downright shocked. "I thought time had stood still. At that time it was anything but a nice village. It’s great now," she says, looking out of her window on schwarzacher strabe, directly opposite the building used as a church and town hall in the center of town. Even this old house, which is a listed building, shines freshly in bright colors, thanks to the fresh cell cure in the course of the challenge program.

A spirit of optimism in the village

Similar is the case with the fire station in striking red with new wooden gates and new lettering. "Things are looking good again," says otto hopfengart. Hopfengart, willi beyer and stefan mohringer are a little proud when they walk through their village with wiesentheid’s deputy mayor wolfgang stocker. Yes, a lot has happened there, also because many residents took advantage of the spirit of optimism of the demand program to spice up their properties.

Ermreus and his

The small village of ermreus is located off the main roads between orchards and fields within sight of hetzleser berges and has just 150 inhabitants. It's hard to believe how much culture and personal commitment goes into such a small village.

It all began with a trip to the state garden show in 1990. Several women from the village had signed up for the trip. On the trip back from wurzburg, they decided to meet more often. But not just for a coffee chat: they wanted to use the meetings to get more involved in their home village and put the idea into practice right away. Shortly thereafter, they founded the "ermaser madla an association. Their goal was to bring traditions back to life and to encourage exchange in the village.

And so it happened that 20 women shaped the cultural life of ermreus for more than three decades. Once a month, the countrywomen met in the duddeck barn in the village. Here they made flower arrangements, baked kuchle or urradla and organized village festivals. For many years, the association also took care of the organization of the carnival. To this day, the "ermaser madla" also for the fact that the easter fountain is decorated.

The first celebration on the new sulzthal village square with the wine festival at the weekend became a test festival. Especially in the falling darkness of the evening, the sophisticated lighting had an effect on the mood of the guests in the rather crowded square. People enjoyed dancing on the new pavement to the music of the band horch.

All the discussions about the village square that took place beforehand have been forgotten. Now they were allowed to celebrate with a lot of joie de vivre. The discussions about the wall cut at the old kindergarten are also silenced. There the guests had been pleased about the comfortable access to the bocksbeutelbar. "The wall breakthrough is now accepted", is member of the local council karl-heinz stahl (CSU/ wahlergemeinschaft) convinced. Although sulzthal fire department commander dieter halbig says: "this wall breakthrough was not absolutely necessary".

"I still experienced the old kindergarten myself", emil trautenbach is happy about the wall breakthrough. Trautenbach was one of the helpers who lent a hand to the village square project from the very beginning. The great lighting – especially the changing LED colors on the roof of the commercial building – can be traced back to trautenbach's creative work in the electrical sector. "I would like to see another fence on the road side for the safety of the children in the village square", suggests trautenbach.

Less burdens for the citizens?

Veronika schadeck the frankenwald group water association (G) is on track. The financing of the 65 million euro renovation costs for the next 25 years is secured.

If the association councils in the G-association meeting next friday follow the proposal of their chairman jurgen baumgartner, then the burghers will receive "only" 20300 euros instead of the original 20300 still have to contribute 2468 euros over the next 25 years to finance the g. This corresponds to 98.75 euros per year and 8.22 euros per month. These are to be apportioned to the basic fee (so far monthly nine euro). The "small" amount was made possible burden of the recognition of the G as a hard case 2, which results in a claim rate of around 80 percent. This is what baumgartner has been fighting for over the last three years.

The municipalities involved in the G are to raise around six million euros instead of twelve million euros.

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