police: effects of alcohol still underestimated

During a traffic check on thursday morning, officers of the ochsenfurt police department detected the odor of alcohol on a female motorist. The result of the subsequent alcohol test is unambiguous. The woman has exceeded the 0.5 per mill limit. They are now facing a hefty fine.

Against 09.At 30 o'clock the police stopped the woman's car in order to subject it to a traffic check. Already during the first conversation the controlling officer noticed that the woman smelled of alcohol. When asked about this, the driver agreed to perform a test on a portable breathalyser. The result was well above the limit of 0.5 per mille.

In the further course the car driver accompanied the officers to the police inspection ochsenfurt. Another breath alcohol test was conducted there, this time on a special device that provides results that can be used in court. This saved the driver from having to have her blood taken.

Taliban attacks overshadow peace efforts

Widespread attacks on two provincial capitals in northern afghanistan over the weekend overshadowed efforts to find a political solution to the conflict that has lasted nearly 18 years.

On saturday night, fighters of the radical islamic taliban first attacked the city of kunduz. An attack on the town of pul-e chumri followed on sunday morning. Dozens of people were killed or wounded.

The attacks came as efforts are underway between the taliban and the u.S. To politically resolve years of conflict. On sunday morning, the u.S. Special envoy for afghanistan zalmay khalilzad wrote on twitter that they are now on the verge of an agreement with the taliban. A few hours earlier, khalilzad had tweeted that he had raised the attack on kunduz at the negotiations in doha. Violence like in kundus must stop.

Hemp in the election campaign

Small gifts can not only preserve friendship, but perhaps also influence the decision to vote. And so there are plenty of pens, lighters, cotton bags – or even longpapers with which joints can be rotated – at the parties’ information booths these days. How please? Yes, the coburg SPD was allowed to distribute the probably most unusual advertising item. Some people may criticize this because it seems to them like an invitation to consume hemp or cannabis. But first and foremost, ramona brehm, the coburg SPD’s direct candidate for the bundestag, defends the mabnahme. "We need to talk about this issue and find a solution, she says. Because cannabis has long since arrived in social reality. Prohibitions, it was discovered, had not been able to reduce consumption.

According to ramona brehm, the SPD is in favor of the regulated sale of cannabis to adults, initially in selected model cities and accompanied by prevention and education work. "This is better than when dealers – like now – can sell people some kind of crap!"

As for the SPD promotional items, which are the brainchild of the jusos and the juso university groups, ramona brehm says that the longpapers can also be used to roll traditional cigarettes. Important is the SPD candidate also the reference that she has never smoked a joint herself. "I have recently been approached by many young people to take up this topic." That’s what she did – and as a survey of the other direct candidates in the coburg federal election district shows, ramona brehm and the SPD are not so alone with their opinion on cannabis.

district honors successes of harald popig

During the upper franconian cross championships in hohn, ulrich zetzmann (TS coburg) and harald popig (TV 48 coburg) received special honors. Ulrich zetzmann was appointed honorary member of the athletics district of upper franconia west. And in the case of harald popig, chairman ralf stejskal and his deputy kurt herbicht paid tribute to the decades of successful running that the stockheimer had to end for health reasons.
Ulrich zetzmann has been a member of the board as press officer for over 50 years. During this time he reported competently and reliably about the successes of the athletes as well as the events in the region and was himself one of the most successful local track and field athletes as a middle distance runner and walker for over 55 years. He was world and european senior champion seven times. In addition, there are twelve further silver and bronze medals as well as numerous top-10 placings over 800 and 1500 meters and in walking over distances between three and 30 kilometers. He achieved these successes mainly with the german three-man team.
His best individual successes were a european championship title in malmo and 3rd place at the world championships in clermont-ferrand. In addition, the gymnast was one of the most successful coaches in the city of coburg.

Auberge's usual record

Harald popig was not much behind him. The stockheimer, who, like ulrich zetzmann, has already reached the age of 75. He has already had to end his sporting career on the advice of his doctors due to hoof problems. The long-distance runner also has an outstanding track record. His greatest success came in 2002 at the senior world championships in riccione, where he won the gold medal with the german team in the 10-kilometer cross-country race.
In addition, he was twice vice world champion in cross-country running, vice european champion over 3000 meters obstacle and recorded seven top-10 places at world and european championships. At german championships he won two titles over 3000 meters obstacle. In addition, there were a number of second and third places in a "german" competition as well as seven bavarian and 40 upper franconian titles.
Harald popig ran five upper franconian records in the main class over 20 and 25 kilometers and over the marathon distance from 1965 to 1967. As with ulrich zetzmann, his outstanding successes were only possible thanks to his intensive and continuous training. 

At the autumn meeting of the caritas council in the district of kitzingen, the caritas council dealt with the development of the results and perspectives of the caritas collection. "With the annual spring and fall collection, we reach a lot of people, that’s a rough chance," said chairman alfred volbers. The speaker was klaus korbmann, head of the community caritas department at the diozesan caritas association. He explained with the help of figures that the collection result of 64,686 euros for the district of kitzingen in 2012 had once again reached a considerable level. Of this, 30 percent remains in the respective parishes in which it was collected, 40 percent (25,874.40 euros) is used by the kreiscaritasverband for its work; another 30 percent goes to the diozesancaritasverband.

It is getting more difficult

"As long as there are still local collectors who give caritas a face, the willingness to donate will also be high. But it is becoming increasingly difficult to win people over," said korbmann, also with a view to the overall situation in the wurzburg diocese and the general decline in the number of catholics, according to the caritas district association.

For which people and projects the money is spent is important for donors and collectors as well as for the public. This october, for example, the caritas association in kitzingen collected donations for the establishment of a care group for people suffering from dementia, for addiction prevention days in schools and for the placement of burdened wives and mothers in health resorts. From his experience, korbmann reported on "newcomers" who love to be involved in the charity collection and on projects with groups of companies that had a lot of donations and were able to achieve a good donation result during betting campaigns with well-known personalities in the city.

Doing good for yourself and the environment

After the originally planned date in march had to be canceled because of corona, bavarian television now invited people to "plogging" to forchheim a.

25 participants

The TV team accompanied the 25 participants during the "plogging" (a play on words from "jogging") and the swedish word "plocka" for "pick up") over the lock island.

Under the motto "doing good for yourself and the environment", so moving and freeing the landscape from mull, the participants set off from the lock island in forchheim after some instructions on how to proceed with the shooting.

Laser pointer attacks on pilots increase dramatically

In 2009 there were 36. Almost all attacks in 2011 were directed against passenger aircraft. Helicopters were involved in six of the attacks, and cargo planes in four.

Germany's most severely affected airport is frankfurt/main, with 35 attacks, according to reports. Pilots of jets taking off and landing at the airports of leipzig/halle, dresden, berlin-tegel and schonefeld were also frequently blinded.

Air force also complains about laser pointer attacks, newspaper says. However, the german army does not see political motives. The acts were more likely the result of wantonness, recklessness or negligence, it was suggested.

With the announcement, there is also new information on corona tests of the president. The station said that a PCR test was taken on trump on tuesday, which was analyzed at the national institutes of health research center by immunologist anthony fauci and others. It was determined "with a high degree of certainty" that trump was no longer contagious. Trump’s personal physician, sean conley, had previously based this conclusion primarily on rapid antigen tests, which are considered less reliable.

Thursday was supposed to be the second candidates’ debate, also a question and answer session with voters. But plans were thrown into disarray when president trump contracted covid-19. The commission announced last week that it would hold the debate online instead of bringing the candidates together in one room. Trump then cancelled his participation. Biden then scheduled his own TV event.

The first debate between the candidates was remembered for its chaotic verbal exchanges. Trump in particular kept interrupting biden and moderator chris wallace.

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