After performances in schwaig and gotha, the eltmann heitec volleys were guests of the second division team in hammelburg for a test match last friday. Especially in the fourth set, you could see that the players were exhausted from the hard training session in the early afternoon. Eltmann ultimately prevailed 3:1 (25:20, 25:18, 25:17, 22:25).

Coach marco donat saw a "small step forward. "It was clear that the players would run out of steam as the game went on, and that mistakes would pile up", donat wanted to attach only little importance to the result. It was clear that TV/DJK hammelburg, which starts the new second league season next weekend in kriftel, is already a little further ahead than eltmann when it comes to fitness. For donat, the main objective was to improve coordination between the individual parts of the team. The heitec trainer was "quite satisfied" with the result.

Guest players from norway

There has also been a new face in the ranks of the first division leader. Peeter ostwik, 20-year-old norwegian national player "will help us out until the end of september", as donat explained. With mathaus jurkovics and luuc van der ent still with their national teams, the eltmanners have arranged for the norwegian to play as a guest player. A commitment of the 20-year-old is at least currently not up for debate. Fans and team met for the first time on sunday. At the meet and greet in the georg schafer hall, it was all about introducing the almost completely newly assembled team to the eltmann supporters. "It was a great afternoon. Great to sit down with the fans again after the long summer break", donat says about this PR action.

Of women's understanding and stormy love


The guesswork about the new coaches of the etwashaus handball women and men is over. Andreas trabold takes over the women in the bavarian league, andreas vielweber the men in the district league. Trabold wants to put his coaching career before that of a player in the near future. That’s why he will play actively with the TVE men, but only if it works out in terms of time.

Women clearly come first for him. Trabold has coached junior teams at TV etwashausen for many years. Whether that automatically qualifies him as a women’s handball expert remains to be seen. In any case, team leader caroline strabberger is looking forward to working with the team.

Public prosecutor's office wants lieberknecht's immunity lifted

The erfurt prosecution office wants to conduct preliminary proceedings on initial suspicion of disloyalty, government spokesman karl-eckhard hahn announced on monday.

The background to this is lieberknecht’s decision to put former secretary of state peter zimmermann into temporary retirement with pension entitlements, even though he voluntarily switched to the economy. The grunen had filed a complaint about this. In the meantime, the 38-year-old carpenter has been dismissed from the state service at his own request without any pension entitlements.

Lieberknecht was not surprised by the decision of the public prosecutor’s office. It had reckoned with this, "because the public prosecutor’s office must not and will not expose itself to the suspicion of proceeding less consistently in this matter than in others," government spokesman hahn explained. The head of government assumes that the preliminary proceedings will confirm the legitimacy of her actions.

Simone wohnig is the new chairwoman

A new board was elected in the district association of the odp coburg-kronach. The previous district chairman jurgen ott was no longer available for office. Instead, simone wohnig from bad rodach was elected unanimously.

She has been a member of the odp since 2014. At that time, she was convinced by the commitment of the members. She herself sees that there is a lot to do in her first two-year term of office. She wanted to make the odp better known as an environmental protection party and especially to activate the younger people for it. She also met the odp's top candidate christoph raabs (the new federal chairman) and the leader of the "save the bees" petition!", agnes becker, to support her in her work.

Her husband erich wohnig supported his wife in her work as a board member. As "grobartig" she feels that the odp welcomes everyone with their ideas and energy and that people treat each other with respect even when they have opposing points of view.

Bulgaria's president warns of lasting instability

"The justice system is still not working effectively enough," he continued. "The parties are fighting each other, there is no national consensus on economic and political priorities. In fact, we must be careful that there is no backsliding into permanent instability."

After months of protests, plewneliev sees the situation in bulgaria as tense. The citizens, not the politicians, drove the democratic renewal. "This can also be seen in a positive light: a real civil society is emerging."But "a small group of oligarchs is still very powerful". There were people in key positions "who are attached to the thinking of the old communist system or even belonged to the stasi".

The pro-european protest movement in bulgaria has been calling for a change of government since the 14th century. June, the resignation of the president, who has only been in office since june 29. May officiate. It accuses the government of being guided by the interests of rich oligarchs. Socialist leader sergei stanishev rejected a resignation of the government consisting of representatives of his party and the turkish party DPS. Conversely, the government camp is demanding the resignation of the burmese head of state rossen plewneliev. The conservative predecessor government of boiko borisov (GERB) resigned in february after street protests against high electricity prices and social hardship.

Cdu presidential party conference off the table

The for the 4. December planned prasenzparteitag of the CDU with 1001 delegates to the election of a new party leader in stuttgart is off the table. This is what the german press agency learned after a good five hours of deliberations among the party’s top leaders in berlin.

A framework for further action has been discussed, which party leader annegret kramp-karrenbauer will now present to the CDU committees this monday.

After this information it was open whether there should be a shift of the party congress into the next year, or whether it can still give in this year a so-called hybrid party congress, with which at several locations in germany distributed in prasenz and virtually one selected was. The third option was a brieahl. A final decision is to be made on monday in the executive committee of the party.

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