bad bruckenau music school: pin of honor for daniela wagner

Hans dietrich unger, who took over the chairmanship from principal daniela wagner last february, found a well-ordered house and praised the pleasant cooperation with his ladies' team on the board at the general meeting. The connection to head daniela wagner is still excellent.

"I really enjoy the work and the harmony here at the music school at the moment", the principal also emphasized. The well-coordinated team will now remain in place for two more years, because the new election of the executive board did not result in any changes. All members were unanimously re-elected.

Pin of honor for daniela wagner
Also some honors were on the agenda. Peter probeck as well as the chairman hans dietrich unger and his wife maria received a small present for 25 years of membership in the music school association. Not present were heidrun klupfel, peter fischer, wolfgang wildenauer and andrea schneider, who have also been members for 25 years. Daniela wagner received the honorary pin of the association of bavarian singing and music schools for her 15 years of meritorious service as music school director.

Fascinating insights: 'the meaning of mariah carey'

I refuse to acknowledge time," is the very first thing mariah carey makes clear in her book. Earlier this year, fans had been guessing whether the musician had actually just turned 50, or was already 51.

But in her autobiography "the meaning of mariah carey," which has just been published in the U.S., carey is not interested in clarifying such everyday matters. "This memoir is a collection of the moments with meaning, the moments that most accurately tell my story as I see it."

Carey is one of the most successful musicians of the past decades: around 200 million albums sold, more than a dozen songs at the top of the charts in the USA alone and super hits such as "hero", "without you" or the christmas classic "all I want for christmas is you".

Marianne eisenschink had to make many sacrifices on her 80th birthday. Birthday chutes. The representatives of the church music association, the gardening association, the cultural initiative, the community of settlers and the tsv did not miss the opportunity to congratulate their member.

The johanneschor as well as the trombone choir presented a little stand.

The jubilarian was born in the thuringian toy town of sonneberg, but moved to her mother's hometown of trebgast when she was just one year old, where her parents ran a bakery with a grocery store and a cafe.

Herzogenaurach – on saturday night, residents in the lohhof area complained to the police about very loud music. Since there are already 2.25 o'clock was, one or the other resident wanted to sleep nevertheless gladly, heibt it in the press report of the police inspection herzogenaurach to the past weekend.
When the patrol arrived at the lohhof, they found a brightly lit place, loud music, a birthday party and an obviously bad mood," he continues." The officials were called at 2.25 o'clock in the morning buried with unflattering remarks of one of the guests of the celebration.

Nothing better to do?
If the young man from welkenbach had looked at his watch, he could have come up with the idea himself of why the police had arrived. His question "have you nothing better to do? Had then also erubrigt itself, means the police.

Right to sleep
In their press report the PI herzogenaurach also loses a few general words to such operations. The protection of private rights and interests is therefore the responsibility of the police, as is the fight against crime. The residents' interest in a good night's sleep and a good neighborly relationship are just as important aspects.

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