The firefighters from burgebrach have been preparing for many months: this week, the 150th anniversary of the burgebrach volunteer fire department will be celebrated. An extensive program is carried out at the festival site on ampferbacher strabe.

On wednesday evening the "troglauer buam" play in the marquee, on friday evening "the young aalbachtalers and on saturday evening "barbed wire". In addition chairman florian thienel in the press release of the F: "for each age something is thereby!" Admission and box office is always at 7 pm. The tent stands on the festival square in the center of town.

On sunday, burgebrach is upside down: after the pickup of the patenwehr F hochstadt a.D. Aisch and the patron, first mayor johannes maciejonczyk (CSU), the festive service takes place in the marquee at 9 a.M. After lunch, a brilliant procession marches through the streets of the historic town center, with more than 100 associations and delegations participating. Afterwards, there will be festivities in the marquee with the "ebrachtaler musikanten burgebrach".

Regensberg – a special contribution to the anniversary year 200 years of french switzerland is made by the artist martin gartner. With the exhibition of some of his works from the broad francophone spectrum at the gasthof hotzelein on the regensberg above kunreuth, he lets the viewer see how much his francophone homeland can convey to him – in colors and shapes, in composition and expression.
Gartner, who lives in ebermannstadt, has seen and experienced many fascinating things in his 90 years of life. The impressions he brought back from his travels around the world are reflected in impressive pictorial works. But the peculiarities of his homeland, the romantic, exciting, colorful and extraordinarily vivid perspectives that he finds again and again on his forays through nature, inspire him to this day.

Across the seasons

The pictures travelled across the french part of switzerland. They also open up to the viewer the charm of the different seasons – hammerbuhl in late autumn, winter in tuchersfeld and the pictures taken along the wild waters in french switzerland.

The setting would be ideal for a james bond movie: "the link between the worlds" or so. Well hidden at the edge of the kitzingen industrial park harbor, a gray staircase leads uphill. A bright orange gelander directs eyes and hands upwards. A woman's door leads into dark buror rooms, down a narrow corridor. Behind a steel door it hums quietly. It is the background melody in the world of wheels.
Individual scents stand out from a mixture of smells that fills the coarse hall: rubber, wood, glue… The smelling organ is irritated.
Christoph adam and his sister gabriele smile as they look into the questioning faces of visitors. The chemical engineer and the accountant, who joined their father's company in 1996 and have been complementing each other as managers ever since, know exactly that their company is a very special one. Although 84 employees now work here in kitzingen, hardly anyone outside the inconspicuous industrial buildings has any idea of the mysterious giant wheels that turn here every day. Christoph adam suspects why: "our products are mainly used in huge industrial plants and power stations. They have only an indirect influence on people's daily lives."
The "ditec" – dichtungstechnik gmbh – puts on the "giant wheels so called rubber and fabric compensators make. Sounds complicated and highly technical. It is also. To put it simply, "ditec" provides to ensure that enormous pipes are elastically connected to each other and perfectly sealed. This is extremely important, for example, in power plants of all kinds – in chile, for example, where the elastic parts from kitzingen have to withstand even strong earthquakes. "Ditec" but he also designed a compensator for the space agency NASA, which was tested at a height of 14 kilometers by a boeing in the stratosphere.
For the largest european fish farm in portugal, the company has built underwater seals of three meters in diameter – adam: "there was no one else in the world i knew who could make such a thing". And for a huge drinking water extraction plant in the desert of qatar, an emirate on the persian gulf, seals were also formed whose dimensions resemble highway tunnels.

Many professions under one roof

In addition, the company's own assembly team is making calls on well-known companies in the food industry, for example at bahlsen or storck; here, for example, the pipelines of the production lines have to be sealed in a food-safe manner.
"Our strength is our individuality, gabriele adam gets to the point. That "ditec" the reason why the company is able to react flexibly to the most unusual requirements is that all the work steps, from design to production and quality assurance, take place in the immediate vicinity of one another. Technicians, mechanics, carpenters, tinsmiths, locksmiths, installers – they all work in the kitzingen "harbor" hand in hand.
The heart of the huge "wheel hall is the calender – a grass-covered unit with heavy rollers that smooth silicone and rubber raw compounds according to individual requirements.
Through a plastic curtain you can get to the in-house carpentry shop and in the neighboring building is the metal construction shop. "Our father knew that the highest quality had to come from a single source", analyzes christoph adam. The fact that engineers, woodworkers and metalworkers work very closely together makes for enormous flexibility. Even to integrate steel into rubber is a challenge for "ditec" no problem.
Manfred adam is now 77 years old and still closely associated with the company that the mechanical engineering technician founded in 1973 – back then in schrannenstrabe. Over time, it has become more and more of a specialist company that today fills an important niche worldwide. "Three quarters of our products are now rubber compensators, only one quarter is made of fabric."
2007 the adams have their own "vulcanization" expanded. Here, components with diameters of up to five meters can be made elastic and resistant to chemical and mechanical influences from outside. The managers won't reveal any more details – the special technology developed over the years is a trade secret. Just this: temperature, pressure and time are the components that are individually specified for each elastic element.
Gabriele adam: "our main strength is that we can also fulfill very unusual wishes and requirements." For example for use in space. Or at the bottom of the sea.
James bond could be envious.

Hoeneb ahead of farewell evening: 'will be emotional'

"I’m naturally still calm now, but when i enter the olympiahalle, which will probably be full, it will certainly be emotional," hoeneb told the radio station bayern 3 in an interview. If trannies fall in love, he has "no problem with that".

Hoeneb (67) retires from the front row at the annual general meeting of the german soccer record champion after more than four decades as an influential player. Long-serving adidas boss herbert hainer to be chosen as successor.

"Since i’m a night-speech thinker, i’ve certainly been tweaking my speech since about four o’clock," hoeneb said of the short night before his departure. However, the former international soccer player wants to remain a simple member of the supervisory board until 2023.

Berlin misses start to season - iserlohn top of the league

The defending champions lost 1:3 at home to the straubing tigers and thus started a new season with a defeat for the first time in three years. First in the table are the iserlohn roosters, who won 5:3 in dusseldorf. The roosters also scored their first goal of the season: DEL record scorer robert hock scored his 236th goal in one and a half minutes. Scoring in the elite league.

Runners-up adler mannheim got off to a better start than the ice hockey team, which was only beaten by the kurpfalz team in the final series last season. Coach harold kreis’s team won 2-1 at ERC ingolstadt thanks to matthias plachta, who secured the three payers in the final third.

The 14,100 spectators in berlin also saw a buildup in the final period, but the icemen stormed headlong into the goal of the visitors. New tigers goalie jason bacashihua held his own, and shortly before the end, blaine down from straubing – also a newcomer – made everything clear with his second goal.

If the energy turnaround is really to succeed, many approaches must work together, from renewable raw materials and energies to their storage, energy conservation and energy efficiency. There are many good approaches, but still no real master plan for the restructuring of the energy industry. And many citizens completely doubt that the energy transition can succeed in an industrialized country. On the topic of "energy transition – (how) does it work??" The free voters invite to an information and discussion event for wednesday, 16. May, at 7 p.M. At the hotel goger in augsfeld. In the "fraktion vor ort" series the district representative hans-jurgen fahn (member of the state parliament) and other mandate holders of the free voters from the state parliament want to present positive approaches from different regions of bavaria and explain how the free voters want to set the political framework conditions for a decentralized and regional energy turnaround. Before the public event, the members of the state parliament want to find out about the concepts of the habfurt municipal utility and the power-to-gas plant in the harbor; from 7 p.M. Onwards, all interested citizens are welcome to come and exchange their views.

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