diakonie saves the association hilfe fur das behinderte Kind coburg

The future of the association hilfe fur das behinderte kind coburg and its three subsidiaries is "as good as" in dry cloths. Dean stefan kirchberger calls himself a lucky man that he can put together what belongs together. It is expected that at the beginning of the school year, at the latest by the beginning of october, wefa in ahorn will take over 51 percent of the curative education facilities, the school support center and the medical-therapeutic facilities and thus become majority shareholder. 49 percent still subscribed by the association.
The merger had become necessary due to the financial difficulties the association had found itself in. "We are not doing this for reasons of content against economic reason", says the dean at a press conference, in which problems and future concerns of the employees were also addressed. Deacon franz K. Schon from the board of directors of the diaconia underlined the importance of the staff and made it clear that the merger will not lead to any layoffs or changes in the contracts of the employees.
Background and further information will follow.

Despite restrictions: first day of school on the 17. September

These are the teachers’ room, the principal’s office and the secretary’s office.

In the other 14 affected rooms, work is currently continuing. In all rooms, the side parts of the door elements are being sealed and cleaned. Afterwards, control measurements are also carried out in the rooms themselves and in the corridors. The work in other rooms has already been completed, and the control measurements are scheduled for the weekend. However, the results will not be available until monday, 16.September, before.

Since the company commissioned to carry out the work is very thorough, it can be assumed that the control measurements will be positive, according to the district office. Last thursday, a meeting was held with the school management, the school’s staff council and members of the parents’ council, as well as staff from the district administration office, and the current situation was discussed in depth. Many questions were discussed and debated, both on the subject of asbestos exposure in the rooms and on the subject of general renovation and the installation of containers.

Bits, bytes, facebook and youtube, copyright yes or no: for the seventh graders at marktbreit high school, everything is about media right now.

The focus is on what happens on the internet, how e-mail and social media work. But the traditional forms of media such as daily newspapers and magazines are also used by schoolchildren. This is particularly important to german and english teacher markus jagusch. Together with doris behrendt he organized the media days of the gymnasium. "Freedom of the press is one of the most important assets of our society", he says "the students should also get a feeling for questioning critically"."

Facebook trap
Heike ott from the kitzingen police department looks after the schools in the district. In presentations, she clarifies questions on the topics of violence, drugs and the media. "I'm sure many of you have already put up a picture of people who were not asked whether they liked it." The schoolchildren silently agree with the police chief. Young people are also often rather lax in dealing with licensing and copyright issues, usually without knowing it.

A speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour in the area of the sambacher school, a pure elementary school, and the church was illegal and not tenable in court. This statement was made at the meeting of the pommersfelden town council not only by the head of the town council, fedor glinka. Police chief inspector peter kraub of the bamberg-land police force was also unable to give any other information to the mothers and children present in the town hall.

Christa lehmann from sambach has been campaigning for some time for greater traffic safety in the town. Together with other parents, she had submitted an application to the municipality for a speed limit of 30 km/h in the area of the school. Christa lehmann bases her application on the danger to children from fast traffic on the local thoroughfare. However, the motion did not find a majority for the reasons mentioned above. Only three council members voted in favor of a recommendation to the district administration office to reduce the speed limit.

Space for three buses
Fedor glinka explained the legal situation by saying that a speed restriction could only be imposed if it was justified by a special hazard situation. This means that the danger situation is "clearly different from normal conditions". A danger was given with obscurity, curves, bad construction or missing sidewalks. In the area of the sambacher school, however, this is not the case.
The waiting area at the sambach school is wide enough to accommodate up to three buses. But also the sign "children" is wise with the addition of "school on children's request.

Kulmbach role-playing games on the way to growing up

Jennifer baumuller, social worker at the hans-edelmann school, and felix jacobs, lions-quest representative of the bayreuth-kulmbach lions club, clap hands. Another participant in the seminar squats down between them – and so the activity game continues in a circle.

Concentration required

The atmosphere is relaxed, and during the "activity game," the participants are in a relaxed mood concentration is also needed. Because even the slightest inattention can bring the group to a standstill.

Speaker of the three-day seminar was andrea friedrich. It explained the path that schools take when growing up. Because adult action does not come overnight and not by itself. The lecturer mixed presentations with action elements. 15 people from kulmbach, bayreuth, pegnitz and schweinfurt took part in the seminar.

Numerous musical groupings of the dr. Ernst schmidt secondary school set the mood for the christmas festival with their performances. There was therefore a lot to be said for diversity. The choruses of the fifth and sixth grades and the middle school gave free rein to their creativity and, equipped with ski and sled gear, sang a performance of what it's like when it snows. Some snowflakes also trickled in the church.

Principal hartmut weis took up the violin himself, presented himself in the string ensemble and with his colleagues in the teachers' choir. With "jingle bells rock the choir class of the lower level together with the teachers' choir literally made the concert-goers "rock". Thunderous applause followed.

Accordion and boomwhackers
Michael brembs from class 10. Classes with quiet and traditional accordion interludes gripped the audience. The percussion ensemble escaped with boomwhackers "the modern follow-up instrument of the xylophone" declared music teacher bernd schmidt, shortly after japan. Impressive voices shone to the music of the school band. Under the direction of teacher oliver herrmann, the group returned to western tastes with american christmas hits.

This role is written all over him. Udo eder looks like santa claus even without his bright red costume. Good eyes behind glasses that sit low on powerful nose. He has a bit of a belly, too, and enough strength to bring sacks full of presents to the children. Good, he lacks the white hair and the beard in real life. Both belong naturally to his outfit. And when he rings his bell and knocks on the door, there is no doubt: a real santa claus is standing in front of the door.

2007 he slipped into the costume for the first time. "A friend had been doing this for many years. When he died, I took over his role for a short time. And remained."Since then he has given presents to many children and has always experienced very different reactions. "A young man, not that old, maybe five years old, once threatened to kick me," says udo eder with a grin. "I scolded him, i read him out of the golden book, that he wasn’t really a good boy and that’s why i didn’t have a present for him in my sack."Whereupon the little one freaked out and said: "then I’ll just kick santa claus in the shin."

The 68-year-old had already noticed this in recent years: that the children no longer have the respect they once did. "Not all of them", he immediately interjects. It also happened that a child he gave a gift to had also made a small present for him. One girl even shed tears because he had left his paper santa behind. Only when his mother promised that she would send him the present did the little girl feel comforted.


On monday, the head of the vocational school center in kitzingen-ochsenfurt, frank deliben, presented senior teacher gertrud neuerer with a certificate of thanks from the state for 25 years of loyal service. This emerges from a press release. Neuerer comes from the area, graduated from the armin knab high school in kitzingen in 1984, trained as an industrial clerk and studied german and english from 1988 to 1993. She completed her traineeship in schweinfurt and marktbreit and, after a brief intermezzo in hof, returned to her home country in 2001. A year later, she was appointed as a civil servant and in 2011 she was promoted to the position of senior lecturer. She caused quite a stir with an exemplary action when she took down and disposed of decades-old curtains in the teachers’ room with a determined hand, thus taking the first step toward the later renovation of the school building. As a contact person in the seminar phase and a member of the crisis intervention team, she also forms a focal point in the school family.

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