Declaration of love to the world of booksellers

declaration of love to the world of booksellers

Who in the current novel "the original the american bestselling author john grisham (62), published in august by heyne, one of his usual judicial thrillers like the first one "the jury (1989) or most recently "bribe" (2017) is expected to be at least surprised, if not disappointed.

This time, too, it is about a spectacular criminal case: five original handwritten manuscripts of the author F. Scott fitzgerald (1896-1940), including "the rude gatsby, are stolen from the library of the university of princeton. But is "the original" not a legal thriller, but the sixth of his "normal" ones novels that the author has been interspersing with his bestselling justice novels for the past 20 years.

This book is a tribute by the author, who has been a worldwide success for almost three decades, to his own profession, his declaration of love for the world of books and authors – in places also quite critically. The main characters are the young writer mercer mann and the book dealer and collector bruce cable, who is suspected of possessing these stolen manuscripts.
In the course of the somewhat tame plot, the reader learns a lot about the publishing business, the idiosyncrasies and characters of the writers, from the introverted intellectual doubter to the excessive artist addicted to suff, as well as about the pitfalls of literary work.

While the young mercer, after her first literary success, has been struggling for years to find the plot of her next novel and, in the meantime heavily in debt, has to pursue a mundane profession as a lecturer, two professionally experienced colleagues have been living very well for years from the still coming royalties of three slippery trash novels, which they "knocked out" in only one month have. This shows the conflict between art and commerce in literature.

Ten important rules for success

Grisham reveals through his main character bruce cable ten important rules of success for writing a novel, but also recommends to us readers through him: "i give every book a hundred pages, and if the writer hasn’t come up with anything interesting by then, it goes away. There are too many good books I want to read to waste my time on a bad one." Some readers of the "original" was allowed to act on it.
For it is only after a sluggish plot buildup that grisham finally gets to the actual subject far past the hundredth page from the middle of his novel onward. In summary: grisham had to tighten his declaration of love to the world of literature. As a payment on only 200 pages it could have been an exciting story for grisham fans and certainly worth reading for friends of literature. Expanded into a 370-page novel, "the original" is the most important work of its kind rather disappointing, as the curve on the bestseller list makes clear: immediately after its publication at number 4, the book has since plummeted inexorably. The name john grisham alone does not guarantee success.
Information about book: john grisham: "the original", heyne-verlag, hardcover, 368 pages, price: 19,99 euro, ISBN 978-3453271531