Dvv women in em semifinals – 3:0 against croatia

Dvv women in em semifinals - 3:0 against croatia

National coach giovanni guidetti and federation boss thomas krohne fell into each other’s arms, the german women’s volleyball players made the "la ola": game leader margareta kozuch& co. Have continued their dream journey and reached the semifinals at the european championships at home.

Coach guidetti’s team defeated croatia 3-0 (25-23, 25-23, 25-18) in the westphalian hall and will now face the surprisingly strong club leader belgium in the preliminary round in the capital city.

"Berlin, berlin, we are going to berlin!"The german butterfly artists rejoiced. After the work victory in front of 6600 spectators in the gerry weber stadium, the previously undefeated DVV women are only two steps away from their first european championship triumph. "We are just happy," said heike beier.

While the team around captain kozuch has now advanced to the final round of the european championships for the third time in a row, belgium is celebrating its premiere thanks to a 3:2 show of strength against france. The semifinals will take place after a day of rest on friday in berlin’s max schmeling hall.

"We have incredible confidence. It’s a super cool feeling. I hope that we carry this feeling with us to berlin," said kozuch after the success, and national coach guidetti praised his team in the highest terms: "this team is something special. They always give everything. It’s hard for any team to play against us. I am happy to coach this team."

Guidetti had spoken on the phone the night before with association president thomas krohne. He was more confident of advancing after that, krohne reported before the match. The DVV boss was not exchanged either. Although beier made a slight mistake on the first serve of the croatians, but with the first point of corina ssuschke-voigt to 1:2 the german volleyball women were in the game.

However, it took quite a while before the 2011 european championship runners-up were able to pull away. After 17:12, the players of the german volleyball association (DVV) seemed to be on the safe way to winning the first round, before the world no. 31 kozuch, who has been in the team for many years, was able to win the match. Croatia could benefit from the uncertainties and approached.

"The quality of the croatians is unbelievable, individually they are super strong," guidetti had said before the match.O.-game said. The guests did not play that fearsome. The team around the aging sanja popovic and mira topic was still in pain from the marathon match against the netherlands (3:2) in the eighth finals. For that diagonal attacker samanta fabris stepped into the breach. But the DVV women fought back and turned a 20:22 deficit into a set win. Crucial: captain kozuch fished out a smash and completed the important 23:22 herself.

The young german butterfly artists also presented themselves in the second section mentally faster, but not consistently. The plus of the guidetti proteges: they function as a team. Despite a 16:11 score, however, the DVV engine stuttered again, croatia shortened. It was kozuch again who made the set win perfect.

But even in the third period, the german game did not seem as fluent as in the previous games. The very high intensity from the previous european championship duels was missing. But croatia didn’t have the consistency to put guidetti’s charges in serious danger in the end. Instead, kozuch& co. In the arms.