Ermreus and his “madla

Ermreus and his

The small village of ermreus is located off the main roads between orchards and fields within sight of hetzleser berges and has just 150 inhabitants. It's hard to believe how much culture and personal commitment goes into such a small village.

It all began with a trip to the state garden show in 1990. Several women from the village had signed up for the trip. On the trip back from wurzburg, they decided to meet more often. But not just for a coffee chat: they wanted to use the meetings to get more involved in their home village and put the idea into practice right away. Shortly thereafter, they founded the "ermaser madla an association. Their goal was to bring traditions back to life and to encourage exchange in the village.

And so it happened that 20 women shaped the cultural life of ermreus for more than three decades. Once a month, the countrywomen met in the duddeck barn in the village. Here they made flower arrangements, baked kuchle or urradla and organized village festivals. For many years, the association also took care of the organization of the carnival. To this day, the "ermaser madla" also for the fact that the easter fountain is decorated.

The village festivals organized by the "ermaser madla organized, developed into a visitor magnet. More than a thousand visitors came from the surrounding communities and towns. "You can't have a party without the others helping out", tells reinhilde erlwein. She has been a leader in the association for many years. At the village festivals, visitors could learn how apple cider vinegar is made, taste what bean seeds taste like, and choose their own personal souvenirs from the lovingly designed handicraft ideas of the countrywomen. In addition, there were jams, wreaths and pottery. "Ermreuser cakes are legendary", laughs reinhilde erlwein. For many years, the money earned by the women from their community activities has been used to finance the flower decorations in the village, which are dug at the entrance to the village to mark the start of the season in spring.

There is still enough money

There is still enough money, even for the coming spring. But reinhilde erlwein also looks a bit pensive when she thinks about the future of the association. Many of the "ermaser madla are already over 80 years old and can only participate in the club evenings to a limited extent for health reasons. Reinhilde erlwein would like to see more young people joining the organization again. The time spent since comparatively small. They meet once a month at the fruit farm erlwein. "It's a good opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and network in the village. Corona in particular is causing social life to suffer", erlwein states her wish: "the sense of community in ermreus should grow again. For example, at our meetings you can find out who needs help at any given time. Here in the country, that's important."

Reinhilde erlwein herself is one of the women who likes to help out: since her neighbor has been ill, she walks her dog once a day and helps her with the shopping. This could also be interesting for young families, because reinhilde erlwein knows from her own experience: "it is always a challenge to reconcile work, the household and childcare." She thinks it's a pity that some people in the village don't know each other anymore. There was a meeting at the "ermaser madla" she is sure that it is all the more important to demand exchange. Working together to keep life in the village alive so that ermreus does not become a "dormant village the commuters will only sleep in. This is all the more important in ermreus since the last inn in the village closed down. Therefore, reinhilde erlwein also appeals to migrants to take responsibility for the future of the cultural life of ermreus.

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