F1 champion hamilton feels for verstappen

F1 champion hamilton feels for verstappen

When lewis hamilton thinks of formula one single-seater max verstappen, he remembers heikki kovalainen. The finn was hamilton’s second formula 1 teammate after egocentric fernando alonso.

Hamilton and kovalainen drove for mclaren in 2008 and 2009. While the briton became world champion for the first time in their first season together, the man from suomussalmi only finished seventh in the riders’ standings. In 2009 hamilton finished fifth in the world championship, kovalainen twelfth. What these numbers should show? On the one hand, the class of the now 35-year-old and, on the other, the grade of a top pilot without additional internal support.

"I was the driver who was always in front and didn’t have a teammate to back me up," found hamilton, who on this sunday (15.10 o’clock/RTL and sky) michael schumacher (5) can overtake in victories in monza. "You don’t get the points in the constructors’ championship and you can’t play the other cars strategically either."This is the case at red bull, where verstappen is "kind of left to his own devices" in his opinion.

The dutchman is considered a future world champion. He is also the only pilot who is behind the mercedes duo hamilton and valtteri bottas (31) this season. The 22-year-old has raced onto the podium six times this season, and in the second silverstone race he was even ahead of the two silver arrows on the podium. But while hamilton has a loyal and fast supporter in bottas, who can keep his back on the asphalt, verstappen has to make do with thailander alex albon (24). He is something like his heikki kovalainen. "Both drivers are just not like valtteri and me," hamilton stated without a doubt.

Verstappen knows that albon drives more like a kovalainen and not like a bottas. The red-bull management naturally knows this too. In spa, the brause bosses were reminded once again that albon is not up to the level of their top driver and is therefore missing as an adjutant. While verstappen at some point could no longer keep up with the mercedes pairing and felt "a bit lonely" as the chaser, albon only finished sixth behind both renaults. Not bad, but not good enough.

"Albon has now gained confidence," red-bull motorsport advisor helmut marko nevertheless told the trade magazine "auto, motor und sport". In belgium, his racing team made gains in qualifying and was also able to keep up with the race pace at the front for a long time. "The world championship is still wide open. We don’t even have half time."

"We will not give up," verstappen assured on thursday, referring to his vague world championship chances. "But i am realistic, we are too slow at the moment."Half a second per lap lost to the mercedes duo in belgium. Verstappen is 47 points behind hamilton in the world championship standings, albon only has 48 in total.

But the question is: how long will albon be allowed to go the red-bull way?. The london native, who sails under the thai flag, was only requested by the sister team toro rosso in the summer of 2019. In the tough selection process, pierre gasly was demoted to the now renamed alpha-tauri team.

"The pressure to deliver is there. It’s not easy," admitted albon, who is facing the threat of relegation. "I continue to work on myself and concentrate."Albon has to increase his speed and close the gap to verstappen, otherwise he will be the next kovalainen.

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