Feuerbach has blossomed

Feuerbach has blossomed

From a gray town to a pretty village in 15 years: feuerbach’s image as a place has been enormously upgraded during this time. It is a result of the village renewal program, into which the wiesentheid district slipped just in time in 1999. Only recently did the sparing program come to an end with the reconstruction of the road and sidewalk in the direction of rudenhausen.

Feuerbacher renate sauerbrey puts it in a nutshell: when she first came to the then gray and dreary town in the mid-nineties, she was downright shocked. "I thought time had stood still. At that time it was anything but a nice village. It’s great now," she says, looking out of her window on schwarzacher strabe, directly opposite the building used as a church and town hall in the center of town. Even this old house, which is a listed building, shines freshly in bright colors, thanks to the fresh cell cure in the course of the challenge program.

A spirit of optimism in the village

Similar is the case with the fire station in striking red with new wooden gates and new lettering. "Things are looking good again," says otto hopfengart. Hopfengart, willi beyer and stefan mohringer are a little proud when they walk through their village with wiesentheid’s deputy mayor wolfgang stocker. Yes, a lot has happened there, also because many residents took advantage of the spirit of optimism of the demand program to spice up their properties.

During the tour, the four think of anecdotes at several buildings and corners when they compare the current state with that of a few years ago. Before the year 2000, there were not even sidewalks along the road through the town in the direction of atzhausen. "Only the gutters were paved over. There was a little more tar in some places, but otherwise there was nothing," recalls willi beyer.

Today, a paved sidewalk provides space and safety for pedestrians, even at the bend with its narrow section in the direction of atzhausen. "At fub it was really dangerous. Down there at the bend, the road was so slippery that you could hardly walk as a fubganger," says hopfengart, referring to the longest-used passage.

It all began with the renovation of the crossroads in the middle of the village, where today a fountain splashes. Across the street, the bench at the printers’ square invites people to linger. The road to kitzingen was once in a terribly poor condition – in 1997, the authorities recognized this and agreed to its upgrading. Wiesentheid’s mayor at the time, walter hahn, was not at all relaxed. He sensed a chance to slide into the village renewal program in the course of the expansion, which actually succeeded in 1999.

Citizens contributed ideas

"Everyone saw the need for feuerbach. Right from the start, all citizens were invited to contribute their ideas," says willi beyer, describing the start of the project. It was precisely the seminar at that time, in which the feuerbachers considered where to start, that brought a wealth of ideas and additional impetus.

The paper that the burgers once drew up with the proposals was given to hopfengart by bruno priebe, who was in charge of feuerbach at the time. Around 40 points were compiled on five pages, many of which were implemented. Rough projects included the renovation of the cemetery including the war memorial and the surrounding area, the playground and the container site. Paths have been laid and improved, and the "paradeis", a pretty allotment garden between the creek and the village, has been renovated.

The school street was renovated and the old bakery in the center of town experienced a renaissance. Many trees and shrubs were planted for this purpose. Finally, the extension of the tramway in the direction of rudenhausen could be realized. Not all wishes were realized. "Some projects turned out over time to be unnecessary, so they were cancelled," says otto hopfengart, referring to a "tractor washing area" that was being considered.

Grateful for the renewal

Later, thanks to the economic stimulus package launched by the state, the complete renovation of the fire station (2009) and the town hall (2011) will be added to the sparing. "We have received a lot of money, from the state and also from the community, and that has to be said," says farmer otto hopfengart, who is grateful for the renewal of his home.

Now the conclusion of the village renewal is to be roughly celebrated. On sunday, 1. September, feuerbach also presents itself as the host of the kitzingen district’s home day. Then the guests can see for themselves how much the place has blossomed.

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