Gabriele pauli seeks harmony in nature

More habberge is not possible. Sulzbach, a town with 120 inhabitants, is located in the middle of the habgau region. Nature, tranquility, seclusion. An ideal environment for hikers and walkers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of rough places. Whoever discovers herbs on a tour in sulzbach, picks them up and perhaps smells them, can even hope that the plants will one day become tea. To a gabriele pauli tea.

The 56-year-old, who was district administrator of furth (1990 to 2008) and played a major role in bavaria's minister-president edmund stoiber (CSU) having to resign in 2007, is now making a name for herself in the natural world. Botany and tea are to become her life's work.

Gabriele pauli has disappeared from the headlines for several years, after almost no day went by without her appearing in some medium or another. These turbulent days are over.

She only came back into the public eye last thursday when she presented her book in munich. "The red rebel – progress needs provocation" is an account of her political life and, above all, a reckoning with politicians in the CSU, her former political home, and with the free voters, for whom she entered the state parliament in 2008 and from whose parliamentary group she has since been expelled.

"Coming down for a change"
Change of scene: from munich with its hectic political scene to the small, tranquil town of sulzbach. Gabriele pauli presented her tea project in the hofheim district on saturday afternoon. The former district administrator wants to market seven varieties of tea. The first one says: "come down a bit". Six more teas to follow.

Gabriele pauli got in touch with sulzbach through a friend, bastian saffer (30), whom she knows from further back. There is the gardening and landscaping business of markus hofmann. The 40-year-old from sulzbach runs the company with its ten employees together with bastian saffer.

And that's also where some of the herbs grow that gabriele pauli wants to use for her teas. Of course, there are a number of plants not only in sulzbach, but also in many private gardens and in the great outdoors. But the sulzbach plant with its herb garden provides a kind of basis for the gabriele pauli tea.

After 23 years in professional politics, gabriele pauli seeks harmony in nature. She wants to devote more time to botany. "It makes", she says "satisfied to be dealing with nature." Tea production is "not a mainstay for the future", it admits, but along the way it wants to sharpen its focus. Apart from that, she plans to give lectures and offer seminars in her new life.

It's all in the book
The pauli's teas all have a connection to their book. She even gives concrete page numbers. There you can read why a tea is brewed the way it is and what effect it is supposed to have.

Gabriele pauli learned about krauter primarily from her brother axel, to whom she dedicated her book. He was a food chemist and studied nature intensively. "He told me a lot about it", described pauli on saturday in sulzbach. Her brother axel died at the end of last year after a serious illness and now, as the author writes in her book, "looks down on me as a twinkling star.

The 56-year-old expects to be in sulzbach again and again in the near future. She did not first get to know the district of habberge through her contact with bastian saffer and markus hofmann.

Already in the 90s, she was in contact with the habberge district administrator rudolf handwerker (CSU). At that time, a group of young land councilors from bavaria met again and again. Pauli took office at the head of the district of furth in 1990, as did the craftsmen in the habberge district. Rudolf handwerker and gabriele were among the youngest landrats in all of bavaria at the time.

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