Hemp in the election campaign

Hemp in the election campaign

Small gifts can not only preserve friendship, but perhaps also influence the decision to vote. And so there are plenty of pens, lighters, cotton bags – or even longpapers with which joints can be rotated – at the parties’ information booths these days. How please? Yes, the coburg SPD was allowed to distribute the probably most unusual advertising item. Some people may criticize this because it seems to them like an invitation to consume hemp or cannabis. But first and foremost, ramona brehm, the coburg SPD’s direct candidate for the bundestag, defends the mabnahme. "We need to talk about this issue and find a solution, she says. Because cannabis has long since arrived in social reality. Prohibitions, it was discovered, had not been able to reduce consumption.

According to ramona brehm, the SPD is in favor of the regulated sale of cannabis to adults, initially in selected model cities and accompanied by prevention and education work. "This is better than when dealers – like now – can sell people some kind of crap!"

As for the SPD promotional items, which are the brainchild of the jusos and the juso university groups, ramona brehm says that the longpapers can also be used to roll traditional cigarettes. Important is the SPD candidate also the reference that she has never smoked a joint herself. "I have recently been approached by many young people to take up this topic." That’s what she did – and as a survey of the other direct candidates in the coburg federal election district shows, ramona brehm and the SPD are not so alone with their opinion on cannabis.

Geisler: "wrong signal

In his statement, jonas geissler first criticizes the SPD’s promotional articles: "when political competitors distribute cannabis leaflets during the election campaign, this sends out more than just a wrong signal." And: "we have completely different challenges in the federal election than the legalization of cannabis"." Geissler calls for more youth protection and prevention in this area "but we certainly don’t need to trivialize drug use!" All parties have an exemplary role to play here, and they should all live up to it.

But what is geissler’s position on the youngest advance of his party friend daniela ludwig, who is the federal government’s drug commissioner?? Daniela ludwig has proposed that possession of cannabis up to a personal use limit of six grams should no longer be prosecuted as a criminal offense, but only punished as a misdemeanor. "It is the task of the drug commissioner to develop practicable solutions", says geissler. Daniela ludwig, however, had also repeatedly repeated the core message that more counseling was needed. But he personally even welcomes the path now taken by ludwig, because it also aims for clarity in the criminal justice system.

Wagner: "alcohol is more dangerous"

As a pure "election campaign manover johannes wagner describes daniela ludwig’s remarks. Since wagner is a member of the green party, his position on cannabis seems to be clear anyway: "we have been advocating legalization practically since the founding of our party!" As a future pediatrician, he also has his own opinion on the subject. "Hemp is a drug", says wagner clearly, and especially for young people it is "not a harmless thing". But then comes the big "but": wagner sees a much smaller risk of addiction and health risks with hemp than with alcohol. That is why he is in favor of controlled distribution to people over the age of 18. Beer and wine are even allowed from 16 years of age.

Legalizing cannabis could also reduce the workload of the police and the judiciary, wagner argues. The fact that even the possession of small amounts is currently being prosecuted causes a lot of work. Wagner admits that he has smoked a joint himself before. "But I did not like it!" As a matter of principle, he does not smoke and drinks only a little alcohol. "But I don’t want to forbid it to other adults." What he would like to ban would be advertising for alcohol.

Peter (FDP): "gateway drug"

The FDP is now also calling for the legalization of cannabis, but coburg FDP candidate jens-uwe peter is still having a hard time with it. "For me, cannabis is more of a gateway drug to harder drugs", he points out. For him, legalization is therefore only conceivable within a narrow framework and with strict controls. In any case, he feels it is "contradictory", that there are – especially on the part of the EU – ever stricter regulations in the area of tobacco and at the same time the call for a legalization of cannabis is getting louder.

Mobus: "addiction prevention is important

"Due to my professional activity, I am in the area of tension between stimulant and drug", says rainer mobus (freie wahler), the manager of "rodacher fruchtsafte" whose products also include high-proof spirits. "I am quite open to the legalization of cannabis", says mobus. The consumption and trade of cannabis products must, however, continue to be accompanied by measures to prevent addiction and sales restrictions, as is the case with alcohol products.

Wunderlich: "better quality control

Ulf wunderlich (left) would also like to legalize cannabis. He refers to the reality of life: "until his 30. Pretty much everyone was allowed to have smoked pot at some point in their lives." He himself, by the way, also. "But it was not my thing", as he affirms. But to want to prohibit something that is widespread in society is "insane". He also believes that legalization can improve the control of the quality of the cannabis in circulation. As long as the trade takes place only on the black market, there is a danger that hemp will be contaminated by extender agents.

Gortler: "gladly also non-alcoholic beer"

With sebastian gortler (afd), however, there was still a determined opponent of legalization. He even goes one step further: "i would like to make a very clear statement against any form of intoxicants. No matter whether alcohol, smoking or other substances." Against a beer in the evening, but "with pleasure being alcohol-free is "natural" nothing to object, as long as it is "within a certain framework" stay. The abuse of any intoxicant – and that includes cannabis – is to be rejected in principle, however.

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