Hoeneb ahead of farewell evening: “will be emotional”

Hoeneb ahead of farewell evening: 'will be emotional'

"I’m naturally still calm now, but when i enter the olympiahalle, which will probably be full, it will certainly be emotional," hoeneb told the radio station bayern 3 in an interview. If trannies fall in love, he has "no problem with that".

Hoeneb (67) retires from the front row at the annual general meeting of the german soccer record champion after more than four decades as an influential player. Long-serving adidas boss herbert hainer to be chosen as successor.

"Since i’m a night-speech thinker, i’ve certainly been tweaking my speech since about four o’clock," hoeneb said of the short night before his departure. However, the former international soccer player wants to remain a simple member of the supervisory board until 2023.

"I have to say honestly, today is the 15th of the year. And tomorrow is the 16th., where for the first time i have no plan except for very few things next week. And this is a situation I haven’t seen in 40 years," he said. "I’m very, very curious to see how this plays out."

Herbert hainer must clearly distinguish himself from hoeneb in his future leadership, according to former bavarian president karl hopfner. "The whole see, the successful story must continue herbert hainer together with the board of directors of the AG. I wouldn’t put it past him," hopfner (67) told the "munchner merkur" and the "tz" in an interview. "The goal is clear, but he has to find his own way there. He must be able to put forward his own ideas. It would be wrong if everything continued in the same way, if herbert called uli and said: do it like this."

During hoeneb’s absence from march 2014 to november 2016, hopfner, a long-time managing director and chief financial officer, had been in the top office of FC bayern munchen for a prison sentence for tax evasion.V. Represented.

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