Is the origin of the eggs important to you??

Is the origin of the eggs important to you??

Gunda eberler (housewife, 78 years old): origin is very important to me. I prefer the eggs from the floor, the chickens have too little space in the kafig. I also choose eggs from local farmers, because you have to support them. It is important to know what exactly is being offered.

Stephanie ruder (educator, 33 years old): i only buy organic eggs in the store. If the organic eggs are not in stock, then I don’t buy eggs. There is always a lot of bad news in the media about the farming of chickens on the ground and the battery cages. Buying organic i think you are doing something good and it is healthier. My daughter, who is three years old, eats a lot of eggs, so the origin is important to me.

Karl-heinz nutzel (designer, 66 years old): origin is already important. The eggs from the battery cages are not the ideal condition, in the free run it is better. I got to know this as a child, because I was partly in the village with relatives, where there were only free-range chickens. Today’s young people don’t register it that way anymore. They hear around, it must be the most favorable one. But when you get older, you say "no" again again, you pick what appeals to you the most.

Tanja schuster (pediatric nurse, 34 years old): i always buy eggs and products from the region. Firstly, we must support the local producers and secondly, we must know where the eggs are produced. We live country so we can teach our kids where the eggs come from, which is from the chickens. The children should be brought up with this knowledge.

Klaus leipolt (pensioner, 70 years old): when i buy groceries, i make sure that the eggs come from free-range chickens and, of course, from the local region. Every year at easter we get our eggs at the market. At home, we usually buy from colleagues who have chickens. I am against the keeping of chickens.

Helga helmer (retired, 70 years old): origin is very important to me and my husband because we like to cook and bake with eggs. We buy mainly from regional farmers, because we know the families and we know that they grow extra corn to feed the chickens. We have noticed that the stamp on the carton and on the inside of the egg are often different. That’s why we take special care to open the carton and check that the 09 for bavaria is really stamped on the egg.

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