Kronach christmas: small, but ho-ho-ho

Kronach christmas: small, but ho-ho-ho

"The realization is in every glance: kronach is a piece of heaven." Without question: the christkind knows what she is talking about. After all, melissa dorfer performed the "kronacher weihnacht" for the fifth time in a row in her heavenly function on friday evening opens.

Although it cannot compete with the christkindlmarkt in nurnberg or the christmas market in bamberg in terms of quality, it is a great success. But what kronach christmas lacks in carousels and food stalls against the picturesquely illuminated backdrop of the city wall, it makes up for with its cozy ambience.

This year the visitors should get even more into the pre-christmas mood

With a bratwurst or a cup of gluhwein in hand, the people of kronach flocked to marienplatz and listened to the sounds of the "anna&" carla singing duos" and the words of city leader wolfgang beiergroblein (WG). The felt, in view of the end of his term of office, a little melancholy. "Time goes by so fast and especially the pre-christmas period is often marked by stress and hectic", the mayor’s wife and wishes the visitors: "i hope that you will succeed in escaping the stress of everyday life here for a moment."

Association has worked its magic

His praise belongs to the association "kronacherleben, who once again managed with a lot of dedication to give the kronach christmas a festive character. The little visitors will get their money’s worth with the snow world and the ice-stick ride, while the adults can enjoy the magic of the lights or a tasty gluhwein at the rosenbergalm.

The latter celebrates its tenth birthday this year. "The kronach christmas and the rosenbergalm, that simply belongs together for me", found beiergroblein.

In view of so many old and new attractions, even the christ child would have been happy to stay a little longer. But heavenly obligations are calling. Therefore, there was a new year’s wish on the way: "may peace and reward, love and respect guide you and always accompany you in the new year"."

The kronach christmas is open on all advent weekends (friday to sunday) from 3 p.M. To 10 p.M. An overview of the christmas markets in the district can be found at.

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