Kulmbach role-playing games on the way to growing up

Kulmbach role-playing games on the way to growing up

Jennifer baumuller, social worker at the hans-edelmann school, and felix jacobs, lions-quest representative of the bayreuth-kulmbach lions club, clap hands. Another participant in the seminar squats down between them – and so the activity game continues in a circle.

Concentration required

The atmosphere is relaxed, and during the "activity game," the participants are in a relaxed mood concentration is also needed. Because even the slightest inattention can bring the group to a standstill.

Speaker of the three-day seminar was andrea friedrich. It explained the path that schools take when growing up. Because adult action does not come overnight and not by itself. The lecturer mixed presentations with action elements. 15 people from kulmbach, bayreuth, pegnitz and schweinfurt took part in the seminar.

Role plays were well received

"I have put an emphasis on the topics of democracy, human rights and political participation", said speaker andrea friedrich. "The aim is to teach the students about empathy. The seminar was about not just talking about things, but using role-playing to deal with situations, explained verena meyer from the hans-edelmann school. The participant was particularly impressed by role-playing games. It was possible to feel what it is like to belong to a minority and to be ignored.

"I particularly liked the fact that the seminar included a lot of practical exercises. I will certainly use the activation games one day", social worker jennifer baumuller drew a balance.

The three-day seminar was organized and brought to kulmbach by felix jacobs, the club's official lions quest representative. "Today it is more important than ever to teach soft skills. The program starts where subject-specific teaching and knowledge transfer stop", explained jacobs.

More than just knowledge transfer

The lions-quest program "acting like adults was developed in the USA in 1984. Since 1991, the american teaching materials have also existed in german and are constantly being adapted to meet practical requirements. The three-day seminar was held in the rooms of the them group and was initiated and co-financed by the lions club. The content of the training program for multipliers aims to strengthen the social skills of young people. The topics of human and fundamental rights, community action, and democracy and politics were also discussed.