Laser pointer attacks on pilots increase dramatically

Laser pointer attacks on pilots increase dramatically

In 2009 there were 36. Almost all attacks in 2011 were directed against passenger aircraft. Helicopters were involved in six of the attacks, and cargo planes in four.

Germany's most severely affected airport is frankfurt/main, with 35 attacks, according to reports. Pilots of jets taking off and landing at the airports of leipzig/halle, dresden, berlin-tegel and schonefeld were also frequently blinded.

Air force also complains about laser pointer attacks, newspaper says. However, the german army does not see political motives. The acts were more likely the result of wantonness, recklessness or negligence, it was suggested.

The pilots' association "cockpit" nevertheless demands that the high-frequency laser pointers should fall under the weapons law. Attacks with it endanger the security of the air traffic immensely and can lead to serious health damage with the pilots. "Laser pointer attacks are not a trivial offense," cockpit spokesman jorg handwerg told the dpa news agency. They are considered dangerous interference with air traffic and can be punished with a custodial sentence of up to ten years.

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