Marktbreiter schoolchildren learn to surf

Bits, bytes, facebook and youtube, copyright yes or no: for the seventh graders at marktbreit high school, everything is about media right now.

The focus is on what happens on the internet, how e-mail and social media work. But the traditional forms of media such as daily newspapers and magazines are also used by schoolchildren. This is particularly important to german and english teacher markus jagusch. Together with doris behrendt he organized the media days of the gymnasium. "Freedom of the press is one of the most important assets of our society", he says "the students should also get a feeling for questioning critically"."

Facebook trap
Heike ott from the kitzingen police department looks after the schools in the district. In presentations, she clarifies questions on the topics of violence, drugs and the media. "I'm sure many of you have already put up a picture of people who were not asked whether they liked it." The schoolchildren silently agree with the police chief. Young people are also often rather lax in dealing with licensing and copyright issues, usually without knowing it.

In the "safe use of social media" unit a group of eleventh graders gives younger students tips on how not to fall into the trap on facebook. "You should be careful which pictures you post, because facebook can do what it wants with them in the end, says raphael scheck from the upper school. In a project seminar, the eleventh-grade school group is taking a closer look at social networks.

"We teachers are also on facebook, but we don't know as much about it as the eleventh graders, says french and english teacher annette oechsner. 17-year-old rodion gottle weib says that facebook should be used with caution: "i handle it very discreetly myself. But it bothers me that it's not so easy to log off again completely." But what you can always change in your account are the security settings. Today, rodion and his classmates are helping the seventh-graders with their work.

Better sooner than later
"We start where you can still reach the schools", says principal anton gernert. The media habits of older schoolchildren are usually already well established. The younger ones still love to be sensitized to these issues. So these were certainly not the last medientage.

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