Master craftsmen in ebern are still looking for apprentices

Master craftsmen in Ebern are still looking for apprentices

The call in the first week of the vacation had made a mother in the city suspicious. Whether her son would like to submit another application, as he had made a good impression during his internship?", asked the voice at the other end of the line. The head of a respected company from the ebern region was still looking for a trainee.

Otmar muller, owner of an interior design company, was no different. "Until saturday i had no junior staff." Not even one application had been received by his company in sandhof. But through a journeyman a lucky break came about: he had heard about a 16-year-old who really wanted to work with wood, but had received a rejection at short notice.

Still "hired" on saturday

it was a perfect fit. Otmar muller quickly got on the phone, and on monday morning philipp hofmann appeared in work clothes at the reception held by the city and the tourist and advertising association (TWG) for all 57 new trainees in the city area. After that it was on for philipp – a construction site in habfurt was already waiting for the future parquet layer.

Which brings us to what many of the trainers were wondering about at the start of their proteges' careers: does the craft trade still have a golden bottom, or has it already hit rock bottom??

Many master craftsmen were quite controversial about this, as was shown on the fringes of the TWG event in the town hall courtyard and in a survey conducted by our newspaper. Ferdinand weidner has found an applicant with a vocational baccalaureate for the office. "For drauben as a fitter" the heating and sanitary engineer is still looking for one. "We did get a few applications, but often the grades were just too bad. For this technically skilled profession, you need to know physics and mathematics."

Anton gerstenkorn is also still looking for a job: "one of them decided to train as a painter and varnisher with us, but we had recruited more than that." Gerstenkorn women around the demographic development and the emerging problems, which totally reverses the situation of former years: "the chamber of handicrafts of central franconia registered 50,000 school leavers in former times and comes in its next prognosis on 22,000."
The industry has it there still better, but "around craftsmen it is badly ordered", the young master laments with a view to the number of applications. He finds that "our guilds do not market themselves well, the carpenters are better at it".

Reprinters in the last year

Achim dietz received very few applications, but at least found an electrician. Last year, according to brother gunter, this position was initially left open, but then an applicant came forward and was hired. The situation is particularly bad for bakers, butchers and the catering trade.

The situation is better in other sectors. Heinz dietz has "no problems" for his car dealership. Dietz: "we had received enough applications and also for 2013 there are already twelve on the table."

Wooed young people

Christian senff of raiffeisen-volksbank talks about three hires. "That was not a problem, but overall, far fewer applicants had applied." First contracts for next year have already been signed. Senff still remembers his first job 25 years ago. "At that time, 50 people applied for one job."

These times are over. This was also noted by mayor robert herrmann at the welcoming ceremony for the 57 new apprentices in the city. "Young people are now being courted. The number of vacancies exceeds the number of applicants. They are all needed", the head of the city encouraged the start of a new phase in his life. "You are moving up to adult status, you have to get used to a new rhythm, get along with colleagues, superiors and customers. And also with the self-earned money."
As mayor herrmann read off from the list of apprenticeships, many fields were represented. "Every profession is honorable and offers opportunities."
TWG chairman gunter dietz referred to the efforts of the tourism and advertising community to strengthen the business location. "The balanced mix of sectors and companies is what makes it possible to offer a broad range of apprenticeships and jobs."

Craftsmanship survives

Nevertheless, gunter dietz – as a businessman – is also concerned that interest in skilled trades has declined sharply and that the "virtual world of work is outstripping the real one.
With a view to the historic town hall, he pointed out that many years ago master builders had created such buildings with the highest level of craftsmanship, which are still stable and functional today. Whether the builders of yesteryear had to call for their helpers?

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