Mayrhofer new top “lowe” – 1860 goal: promotion in 2014

Mayrhofer new top 'lowe' - 1860 goal: promotion in 2014

One week before the start of the season, TSV 1860 munich sent a signal of departure with the courageous election of a new club president.

Management expert gerhard mayrhofer was elected successor to hep monatzeder by an overwhelming majority of 923 voting members at the first general meeting of the second division fubball club in munich. "This is a good day for sixty munich," said 51-year-old mayrhofer after his election at 15.06 o’clock. Only 39 members voted against mayrhofer. Heinz schmidt, peter helfer and erik altmann will serve as vice presidents for the new "lowen" over the next three years.

In a blazing speech lasting twelve minutes, mayrhofer had previously canvassed for approval from the members of the club. "I believe in promotion this year," he said. The new management team is determined to end the chaos at the traditional club. "Sixty has been a training camp for functionaries long enough," explained mayrhofer, who received much applause after his election. The president called for more professionalism at the traditional club.

Mayrhofer clearly positioned himself for sporting success and put coach alexander schmidt in his place ahead of the first match on friday at FC st. Pauli under pressure: "if it looks like it won’t work in the first few games, we can’t wait forever, we have to act quickly and change things," the former board member of companies such as O2 and vodafone deutschland announced brashly.

The club also shook hands with investor hasan ismaik at the meeting, which was harmonious for his circumstances. "There is one indisputable truth: the savior of 1860 is hasan ismaik and no one else," said managing director robert schafer. His resignation had recently been repeatedly called for by the jordanian donor. "Our hand will continue to be stretched out very far," said schafer to the address of ismaik, who was not present.

At the last delegates’ meeting at the end of april, at which it was decided to return to the members’ meeting, the previous president, monatzeder, was not confirmed in office. That had triggered a weeks-long search for a successor.

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