More illegal mull dumping in igensdorf – now the district office is investigating

More illegal mull dumping in igensdorf - now the district office is investigating

Weibenohe – asphalt deposits were found in the direction of the solar park near oberrusselbach. And a few meters further still much more. Other gauze was also dumped. Gauze, which has not only been there for a few weeks, as hella ziefer, the press spokeswoman of the igensdorf town hall, informs us.

The building authority had looked at the unrat on site. This could be assigned now clearly to the weibenoher flur. Mayor rudolf braun is also involved: "the asphalt deposits were made by a full-time farmer on his land." Allegedly it is a tested material which is to be used for road construction (we reported). The head of the municipality did not know anything about other gauze, nor was it part of his area of responsibility. That was a matter for the district office.

The people responsible there are currently checking whether the material is uncontaminated, which is why they are in contact with the grafenberg administrative community and the mayor of weibenoh. "An investigation report, which confirms the harmlessness of the material, is not yet available to us", says adrian huter, head of the waste law department. If the material is harmless, the mulch can be used for road construction.

The other gauze is basically unacceptable and, according to the county waste management act, may only be treated, stored or deposited in approved waste disposal facilities. But there are exceptions. But: "these do not apply to rubbish dumps in the open countryside, even if it affects one’s own property. Whoever carries out such an illegal waste deposit commits a misdemeanor, which can be punished with a fine of up to 100,000 euros", says huter.

For the waste management authority, the processing of illegal waste dumps is very time-consuming, since the facts have to be examined on site and the corresponding letters have to be prepared, explains huter. As for the deposits on weibenoher community near oberrusselbach, it is currently being determined what kind of waste is involved and who is the originator of these asphalt and gauze deposits.