Nature captured in pictures

Regensberg – a special contribution to the anniversary year 200 years of french switzerland is made by the artist martin gartner. With the exhibition of some of his works from the broad francophone spectrum at the gasthof hotzelein on the regensberg above kunreuth, he lets the viewer see how much his francophone homeland can convey to him – in colors and shapes, in composition and expression.
Gartner, who lives in ebermannstadt, has seen and experienced many fascinating things in his 90 years of life. The impressions he brought back from his travels around the world are reflected in impressive pictorial works. But the peculiarities of his homeland, the romantic, exciting, colorful and extraordinarily vivid perspectives that he finds again and again on his forays through nature, inspire him to this day.

Across the seasons

The pictures travelled across the french part of switzerland. They also open up to the viewer the charm of the different seasons – hammerbuhl in late autumn, winter in tuchersfeld and the pictures taken along the wild waters in french switzerland.

For more than 70 years martin gartner is engaged in painting. He studied with the painters michael biebl and professor heine, and as early as the 1950s he chose his french world with castles and palaces, idyllic villages and the diverse flora as his motifs. "Opticians, photo technicians, globetrotters, mountaineers, skiers, glider pilots" – the payoff for what martin gartner experienced in his 90 years had to be long to do him justice. He sees the sum of his experiences and feelings as a prerequisite for art. He has perceived the beauties of five continents and captured them artistically. But "full he is still far from it. "I'm happy about perspectives that only a curious hiker can see", he explains his romantic pictures from french switzerland. That's what people like to believe.

Gartner could fill a rough gallery with his pictures. In his studio with gallery in ebermannstadt, they are stored without being able to be shown to advantage. This is achieved again with the exhibition in the inn hotzelein at least for some pictures. Sfu

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