Norway: fire in tunnel – 80 people in hospital

After a truck fire in norway’s second longest road tunnel, around 80 people have been hospitalized with suspected smoke inhalation. This was reported by the broadcaster NRK with reference to the fire department. Why the truck burned on monday after driving about 3.5 kilometers in the gudvanga tunnel was initially unclear. The 11.4-kilometer highway tunnel was badly damaged and had to be closed, according to the tram office. The fire could be extinguished after one and a half hours. It was not known whether germans were also affected and were taken to hospital.

When following motorists noticed the fire, some managed to quickly turn around and leave the tunnel, according to police reports. Others had to wait until they were rescued by the fire department.
Police estimated that in addition to the truck involved in the accident, about a dozen vehicles and a bus were still in the tunnel after the accident. According to media reports, there were japanese tourists on the bus. The salvage work was still in progress.

The E16 freeway will be closed for some time, it said. The accident site is located about 350 kilometers northwest of oslo, between gudvangen and unredalen.

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