Trump sets tv question time at same time as biden

With the announcement, there is also new information on corona tests of the president. The station said that a PCR test was taken on trump on tuesday, which was analyzed at the national institutes of health research center by immunologist anthony fauci and others. It was determined "with a high degree of certainty" that trump was no longer contagious. Trump’s personal physician, sean conley, had previously based this conclusion primarily on rapid antigen tests, which are considered less reliable.

Thursday was supposed to be the second candidates’ debate, also a question and answer session with voters. But plans were thrown into disarray when president trump contracted covid-19. The commission announced last week that it would hold the debate online instead of bringing the candidates together in one room. Trump then cancelled his participation. Biden then scheduled his own TV event.

The first debate between the candidates was remembered for its chaotic verbal exchanges. Trump in particular kept interrupting biden and moderator chris wallace.

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Hoeneb ahead of farewell evening: “will be emotional”

Hoeneb ahead of farewell evening: 'will be emotional'

"I’m naturally still calm now, but when i enter the olympiahalle, which will probably be full, it will certainly be emotional," hoeneb told the radio station bayern 3 in an interview. If trannies fall in love, he has "no problem with that".

Hoeneb (67) retires from the front row at the annual general meeting of the german soccer record champion after more than four decades as an influential player. Long-serving adidas boss herbert hainer to be chosen as successor.

"Since i’m a night-speech thinker, i’ve certainly been tweaking my speech since about four o’clock," hoeneb said of the short night before his departure. However, the former international soccer player wants to remain a simple member of the supervisory board until 2023.

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Cdu presidential party conference off the table

Cdu presidential party conference off the table

The for the 4. December planned prasenzparteitag of the CDU with 1001 delegates to the election of a new party leader in stuttgart is off the table. This is what the german press agency learned after a good five hours of deliberations among the party’s top leaders in berlin.

A framework for further action has been discussed, which party leader annegret kramp-karrenbauer will now present to the CDU committees this monday.

After this information it was open whether there should be a shift of the party congress into the next year, or whether it can still give in this year a so-called hybrid party congress, with which at several locations in germany distributed in prasenz and virtually one selected was. The third option was a brieahl. A final decision is to be made on monday in the executive committee of the party.

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Berlin misses start to season – iserlohn top of the league

Berlin misses start to season - iserlohn top of the league

The defending champions lost 1:3 at home to the straubing tigers and thus started a new season with a defeat for the first time in three years. First in the table are the iserlohn roosters, who won 5:3 in dusseldorf. The roosters also scored their first goal of the season: DEL record scorer robert hock scored his 236th goal in one and a half minutes. Scoring in the elite league.

Runners-up adler mannheim got off to a better start than the ice hockey team, which was only beaten by the kurpfalz team in the final series last season. Coach harold kreis’s team won 2-1 at ERC ingolstadt thanks to matthias plachta, who secured the three payers in the final third.

The 14,100 spectators in berlin also saw a buildup in the final period, but the icemen stormed headlong into the goal of the visitors. New tigers goalie jason bacashihua held his own, and shortly before the end, blaine down from straubing – also a newcomer – made everything clear with his second goal.

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Free voters talk about energy transition

If the energy turnaround is really to succeed, many approaches must work together, from renewable raw materials and energies to their storage, energy conservation and energy efficiency. There are many good approaches, but still no real master plan for the restructuring of the energy industry. And many citizens completely doubt that the energy transition can succeed in an industrialized country. On the topic of "energy transition – (how) does it work??" The free voters invite to an information and discussion event for wednesday, 16. May, at 7 p.M. At the hotel goger in augsfeld. In the "fraktion vor ort" series the district representative hans-jurgen fahn (member of the state parliament) and other mandate holders of the free voters from the state parliament want to present positive approaches from different regions of bavaria and explain how the free voters want to set the political framework conditions for a decentralized and regional energy turnaround. Before the public event, the members of the state parliament want to find out about the concepts of the habfurt municipal utility and the power-to-gas plant in the harbor; from 7 p.M. Onwards, all interested citizens are welcome to come and exchange their views.

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Loud celebration, bad manners

Herzogenaurach – on saturday night, residents in the lohhof area complained to the police about very loud music. Since there are already 2.25 o'clock was, one or the other resident wanted to sleep nevertheless gladly, heibt it in the press report of the police inspection herzogenaurach to the past weekend.
When the patrol arrived at the lohhof, they found a brightly lit place, loud music, a birthday party and an obviously bad mood," he continues." The officials were called at 2.25 o'clock in the morning buried with unflattering remarks of one of the guests of the celebration.

Nothing better to do?
If the young man from welkenbach had looked at his watch, he could have come up with the idea himself of why the police had arrived. His question "have you nothing better to do? Had then also erubrigt itself, means the police.

Right to sleep
In their press report the PI herzogenaurach also loses a few general words to such operations. The protection of private rights and interests is therefore the responsibility of the police, as is the fight against crime. The residents' interest in a good night's sleep and a good neighborly relationship are just as important aspects.

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