trane's start at dressage-em: 'shitty moment'

The tranes ran and ran. Jessica von bredow-werndl couldn’t stop her shortly after her ride at the european dressage championships at first. "Today it’s enough to make you cry," said the 33-year-old from tuntenhausen after the botched start: "i cried so much."

Nevertheless, the german team is on course for gold before the second half of the starting field on tuesday: first place ahead of great britain and sweden. It seemed as if dalera was trying to make the rider lose her mind. In the traversal the mare raised her tail and lightened up. Von bredow-werndl explained with wit: "that was a shitty moment, in the truest sense of the word."Or expressed differently: "she just had to go to the toilet."

An inopportune moment – especially because the horse had previously been "on a different level" in the preparation, as the rider explained. But in the dressage arena, dalera was dropping and could not show the lesson perfectly at the same time. That cost some percentage points. "There’s nothing you can do," commented national coach monica theodorescu: "jessi had problems with the appel and then fought great."

Fantastic views, historical reviews, interesting insights were offered at the ecumenical pilgrimage last saturday, along with impulses, songs, prayers. 20 people set off from the evangelical st. St. Michael’s church to the catholic parish church of st. St. John’s – but in a wide arc: over vineyards and forest paths, past wayside shrines, vineyard huts, mysterious figures, path crossings.

Every two years

For many years, every two years, there is such an ecumenical pilgrimage in hammelburg. A preparatory team from both denominations chooses a route and a theme. "He is the vine, we are the branches" it read this year. This sentence from the gospel of john (chapter 15, verse 5) is inscribed on the memorial stone on the road to the pulpit. It was erected there in 1982 at the end of the vineyard cleanup.

The group stopped at a total of nine stations. Between rows of autumn-colored trees, there was a view of the city and its two church towers. In addition, the participants were given an insight into the situation of the winegrowers and the importance of winegrowing for hammelburg. Both the evangelical pastor georg horn (†1603) and 300 years later the catholic pastor johannes martin (†1943) included viticulture in their pastoral work. Horn held wine-growing sermons for his congregation. Martin also took care of the impoverished winegrowers and founded the winegrowers’ cooperative 115 years ago. Documents of this can be found at an old weinbergshutte. Martin was convinced: "where there is a lack of daily bread, there is also a lack of faith". At the figure of amalberga the pilgrims had a wide view of the saale valley. They listened to the life story of amalberga of gent, a mystic who died in 772.

bats make the schedule for the church restoration

"They really are excellent carpenters", confirms architect peter schickel from bamberg, who regularly consults with structural engineer udo kebler from the kulmbach office burges& dohring and the experts in the service of the kulmbach company konrad coordinates. For schickel, who by his own admission "already has more than 30 years of professional experience under his belt" has, the project in marienweiher is something special. And not only because the basilica has a very special status among the houses of god in the diocese, but the parish of the native of hollfeld itself has been making pilgrimages to marienweiher for the past 180 years.

The attraction for udo kebler is far more mundane: "a beautiful task, with a lot of architectural history, demanding preservation of historical monuments", is the statistician and can only agree with the praise for craftsmen.

Animal facts

tire part on a 7 damages two semitrailers

Two damaged semitrailers and a several-hundred-meter-long diesel lane on the A 7 near marktbreit (lkr.). Kitzingen) were in the night to tuesday the consequences of a burst truck tire. The freeway police estimate the total damage at around 6,000 euros.

Against 4.At 10 o’clock, according to the police, a 54-year-old truck driver from schleswig-holstein was driving his tractor-trailer in the direction of ulm. Shortly before the marktbreiter mainbrucke, a tire on his trailer suddenly lost air and shredded. A metal frame broke loose from the rim and remained on the roadway. Two truck drivers drove over the heavy tire part in the darkness. Only the front of the semitrailer of a 47-year-old man was slightly damaged.

When the 30-year-old driver of another 40-tonne truck tried to take the object between the wheels, the tire base of the burst tire was apparently thrown up so unhappily that a crack appeared in the left tank of the tractor unit. Fuel spilled onto the roadway, leaving a diesel trail that stretched all the way to the "fuchsloch" parking lot.

Vfr katschenreuth is hungry for its first title

The vfr katschenreuth is currently number 1 among the soccer clubs in the city of kulmbach. But the club from the village near the confluence of the river main has never been the indoor city champion. That should change – at the 36. The district league team finally wants to win the rundschau cup at the end of the season.

About 1000 spectators are expected on saturday in the sports hall weiher. But if you can’t be there, you won’t miss a thing. Because we report currently from 11 o’clock on this side live from the rundschau-cup.

Here’s what the leaders of the ten clubs have to say ahead of the tournament.

Steffen coach warnatzsch continues after all

"My motivation is to continue to accompany my group. I also want to say goodbye to competitive sports with better results than those of the 2012 olympics," warnatzsch told the dpa news agency.

The coach had announced his resignation during the games in london. "I was mablos disappointed about the performance of my athletes and the whole team," he now said about the reasons.

Britta steffen, who failed to reach the olympic semifinals in the 100-meter freestyle and missed out on the medal she had hoped for by finishing fourth in the half-distance event, wants to continue at least until the 2014 european championships in berlin. The world record holder wants to concentrate on the 50 meters freestyle. Steffen had signaled that she would like to continue working with her longtime coach and confidant. She is joined by olympic fourth-place finisher tim wallburger, tom siara and lisa graf, who moved from leipzig to berlin, in warnatzsch’s training group.

These are the christmas markets in forchheim

The christmas fir tree already stands tall as one on the town hall square. The world's best advent calendar will soon adorn the "gute stube" again the scent of forchheim and gluhwein fills the old town. However, the preparations for this begin every year at a time when the people of burgenland are anything but in the mood for christmas: in the spring.

" We have already allocated the stands for the christmas market in may", reports sigrid mauser of the city administration. The attraction of the advent calendar in forchheim is so great that the city no longer has to make a big effort to attract market vendors. "We have our regular customers who come back again and again", explains sigrid mauser. Of course, the old bratwurst stall saying "food and drink always go together" pays off.

On the christmas mile between rathausplatz and kaiserpfalz, no fewer than five gluhwein booths offer the public a chance to stop for a drink.

ebay will handle payments itself in the future

Private sellers will have to wait seven days for their money under the new system, while commercial sellers will be charged an additional two percent fee. Payment can be made by bank transfer, credit card or direct debit as well as via the in-house payment service paypal or the similar service skrill (formerly moneybookers). When the money is paid to ebay, the seller is notified and has to send the item. From the moment it has been marked as shipped, the different payout periods start. For commercial sellers who have a long ebay history and meet the platform’s minimum standards, it will be one day.

All other commercial vendors have to wait seven days for their money plus the expected shipping time. With the additional fee, all payment methods are covered – which means that today’s separate paypal fee will also be waived, ebay spokeswoman maike fuest emphasized. Private sellers will not have to pay any additional costs, and they will not have to pay the current paypal fee either.

Ebay did not need a banking license for the new system because it was not a service that required a license, fuest said. The spokeswoman did not specify an exact start date. After the launch in summer, the changeover will take a few weeks. Anyone who registers as a new trader already has to comply with the new system. Ebay tested the changed payment processing in a pilot project since the end of august 2011. According to the company, more than 500,000 seller accounts are already using the new process.

At the moment many get again so-called phishing e-mails requesting the purchase of a whatsapp subscription, sent to. The goal of the scammers is always the same: to obtain personal data of whatsapp users.

The current scam is about the credit card number. Anyone who acts rashly and in panic can quickly fall into the trap.

Sender threatens to cancel your account: how to recognize the fake e-mail

The fake e-mail is with the concern "verlangern you your annual subscription whatsapp" or similarly titled. The "whatsapp messenger" is used as the sender displayed – warns consumer protection.

Mayrhofer new top 'lowe' - 1860 goal: promotion in 2014

One week before the start of the season, TSV 1860 munich sent a signal of departure with the courageous election of a new club president.

Management expert gerhard mayrhofer was elected successor to hep monatzeder by an overwhelming majority of 923 voting members at the first general meeting of the second division fubball club in munich. "This is a good day for sixty munich," said 51-year-old mayrhofer after his election at 15.06 o’clock. Only 39 members voted against mayrhofer. Heinz schmidt, peter helfer and erik altmann will serve as vice presidents for the new "lowen" over the next three years.

In a blazing speech lasting twelve minutes, mayrhofer had previously canvassed for approval from the members of the club. "I believe in promotion this year," he said. The new management team is determined to end the chaos at the traditional club. "Sixty has been a training camp for functionaries long enough," explained mayrhofer, who received much applause after his election. The president called for more professionalism at the traditional club.

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