British car production continues downward trend

British car production continues downward trend

The sharp decline is partly due to the fact that several manufacturers had brought forward their factory vacations to april in order to avoid supply bottlenecks in the event of a feared brexit without an agreement on 29 january. Cushioning marz. However, the deadline for leaving the EU has now been extended to 31 december. October verlangert.

The precautionary production stop is not to be repeated for the new brexit date, according to the SMMT announcement. "Today’s figures are evidence of the significant costs and upheaval already facing the UK car industry and its employees as a result of brexit uncertainty," SMMT chief executive mike hawes said, according to the release.

The drop is considerable even without the early vacation season. Just over a fifth (22.4 percent) fewer cars were built in the uk in the twelve months to may than in the same period last year. In addition to the uncertainty surrounding the planned exit from the EU, weaker demand in the EU, china and the USA is being blamed for this.

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Youngsters raged

At the beginning of may, there were several incidents of damage to community property in stegaurach. The culprits – two juveniles – have now been apprehended.

In the night of 7. May, in the area of kreuzweiher and haseneggern, two young trees were knocked down with an axe and left lying on the paths. In auracher strabe, unknown perpetrators also lifted out 14 manhole covers at the edge of the roadway. In this context, a bus driver was able to point out two young manners who had behaved suspiciously. In the night to the 10. May again two trees were knocked down in the local area. Furthermore, the handrail of the bridge over the ochsenbrunnen was hit with an axe and thus damaged. The gelander at the rad- und fubweg was also approached in this way and heavily damaged. Again, witnesses were able to provide evidence of two male juveniles. The property damage amounted to several thousand euros by then.

Investigators from the bamberg-land police department continued to carry out manhunts in stegaurach. Two 16 and 14 year old youths came into the focus of the police. That the investigators had the right scent, showed in the later course on a cell phone of the two young people. They had filmed themselves doing some of the things they did. The perpetrators of the damage will now be charged with criminal damage and dangerous interference with traffic.

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Wohrl and condor woo air berlin

Wohrl and condor woo air berlin

In the poker game for aircraft and personnel from air berlin's insolvency estate, lufthansa is facing serious competition. The vacation airline condor, which is part of the thomas cook group, is preparing a bid for jets in the double-digit range, as a person familiar with the negotiations told the german press agency. Condor was interested in both medium-haul and long-haul jets. The company did not want to comment on the information on thursday.

Wohrl talks to air berlin

Talks about air berlin are now also to be held with nurnberg entrepreneur hans rudolf wohrl. One is for wednesday (30. August) to "exploratory talks" invited to air berlin, wohrl's intro management company announced on thursday. A spokesman for the airline would not comment on individual interested parties. "It is an open and neutral process in which qualified offers are welcome", he only said.

Air berlin's chief representative, frank kebekus, has meanwhile made it clear that he is aiming for a quick sale. "There is a danger that our business will collapse if the sale takes too long", kebekus told the "wirtschaftswoche" magazine. Short-term bookings are down by six to seven percent, and customers are more reluctant to book flights in a few months' time.

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Still a long way from equality

Still a long way from equality

Domestic violence, care issues, divorce – these are just some of the problems that female citizens in particular turn to nadine bock for help with. For more than a year, the head of the department for municipal and social affairs has also been the equal opportunities officer at the district administration office. Most people contact her by phone before making an appointment for a face-to-face discussion. "You take serious traps home with you to a certain extent", she admits.
It becomes emotionally stressful for bock when her counterpart can no longer hold back his tears. "When I feel like I'm helpless and can hardly do anything, it's hard", she explains. Nevertheless, those who seek to speak with her also want to get something off their chest. Even if it is sometimes difficult language, she is happy about this sign of confidence.
The 32-year-old sees her work as a "distribution function". She informs victims about what they can expect, refers them to lawyers, counseling or other contact points, and encourages them to defend themselves against grievances. The lawyer is not allowed to give legal advice. Nevertheless, she really appreciates being able to campaign for issues that are close to her heart. "You can't just react, you can create and make a difference."

Re-entry into the profession made difficult

How to arrange working hours or return to work after parental leave are other important issues bock is looking at. Women also seek advice on seemingly trivial matters, such as how to write a resume correctly. "Women are super educated. But after they have had children, it is already more difficult for them to return to work", bock emphasizes.
Equality is not just an issue for women, but also for men. At the so-called "boys day young men are to be made aware of typical female professions. There are still too few male elementary school teachers and kindergartners. Bock explains: "equality concerns everyone, regardless of gender. Everyone should have the same opportunities to make the best of their lives."
The equal opportunities officer not only takes care of citizens' concerns, she is also responsible for the employees of the district office's departments. She is present at recruitment interviews or, if necessary, is called in for crisis interviews.
In addition to consulting, bock also plans and organizes events. For example, together with her deputy melanie schafer and her co-worker gabriele metz, she also organized the exhibition "i'll have to ask my husband first!?" The county councilor thomas bold has opened yesterday. He quoted from the famous song of lucy lectric: "no resistance man, because I win anyway, because I'm a girl." However, he had to admit: "we haven't got that far yet." And perhaps that is why a visit to this exhibition in the courtyard of the district administration office is highly recommended – also and above all for men.

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350 Masks on 15 bag trees

The "coburg bag tree" environmental protection campaign will be extended: since today, friday, mouth and nose protection masks are hanging on the bag trees as well. The bag trees can be found in 15 stores and public buildings in the city, including the city hall and the galeria kaufhof. With the innovation, the tree not only makes an important contribution to climate and environmental protection, but also to protection against corona, according to a press release from the city of coburg.

As a reminder, since germany still uses a great deal of plastic, which is massively harmful to the environment and the climate, the "coburg – the family town" alliance and the climate protection officer of the city of coburg has already taken up the idea of the bag tree in november 2019. The goal is to significantly reduce the city’s plastic waste.

"The bag tree campaign continues to be well received by our customers. At the beginning, it happened again and again that the tree was completely empty, but in the meantime the whole thing has settled down. I find the campaign very timely and sustainable and would like to continue to participate in the campaign with our branch", says sven lotz, galeria kaufhof, who has supported the bag tree from the beginning.

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Police finds 92 smuggled puppies in truck

Crammed into too-small transport boxes without water or food: police discovered 92 puppies in a truck, some of them in a state of disrepair. The puppies were probably smuggled in from eastern europe, officials said in nurnberg on tuesday. The 36-year-old driver of the hungarian truck was initially arrested but later released.
The four-legged friends were brought to the nurnberg animal shelter and cared for in their own hospital ward. About four to five of the small dogs had to be treated with infusions, animal shelter manager heike weber reported. Their condition has deteriorated – it is not certain whether these puppies will survive. "Some are quite weak", weber told the news agency dpa. Other animals were also sick or had worms.
The police officers discovered the dogs on monday in a freeway parking lot on the A3 in the district of erlangen-hochstadt. The dogs were of different breeds, from dachshunds to boxers and golden retrievers. "There is a whole litter of beagle", said weber. These are fashionable dogs, which could be sold at a high price on the animal market. The puppies were to be brought to the netherlands.
According to initial investigations, the documents of the four-legged friends were partially falsified. The puppies were made a few weeks old, so that they could be transported at all. Normally, animals were only allowed to be taken abroad when they were at least eight weeks old – but according to weber, half of the animals were no more than four to five weeks old. Initially, the puppies are to be cared for and reared in animal shelters, later they will presumably be placed in germany.
Another dog kept the federal police busy as a fare dodger on tuesday after the husky jumped out of the S-bahn at nurnberger. A passenger took care of the wandering dog and caught it with his scarf. The husky also ended up in the nurnberg animal shelter. There, however, later the owner who had lost him in the S-bahn altdorf-nurnberg contacted us.

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Photographers association sues against new google image search

Freelens accused the U.S. Company of violating german copyright law. "Legal assistance must therefore be sought to end the continuing encroachment on photographers’ rights," the freelens statement read.

In the USA google has already changed its image search. There, images and photos are no longer only presented in miniature versions ("thumbnails"), but are displayed in higher resolution on the google page. Until now, the user had to click on the small image to see the original web page and the image in full resolution.

A google spokesman had explained after first protests of photographers and artists that with the new search pictures were displayed "faster, more gently in the design and more reliably. It is also easier to view several images in a row. Information about the source was displayed in several places. On friday, the internet company said it could not comment on the freelens announcement because google was not aware of such a lawsuit so far.

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Marktbreiter schoolchildren learn to surf

Bits, bytes, facebook and youtube, copyright yes or no: for the seventh graders at marktbreit high school, everything is about media right now.

The focus is on what happens on the internet, how e-mail and social media work. But the traditional forms of media such as daily newspapers and magazines are also used by schoolchildren. This is particularly important to german and english teacher markus jagusch. Together with doris behrendt he organized the media days of the gymnasium. "Freedom of the press is one of the most important assets of our society", he says "the students should also get a feeling for questioning critically"."

Facebook trap
Heike ott from the kitzingen police department looks after the schools in the district. In presentations, she clarifies questions on the topics of violence, drugs and the media. "I'm sure many of you have already put up a picture of people who were not asked whether they liked it." The schoolchildren silently agree with the police chief. Young people are also often rather lax in dealing with licensing and copyright issues, usually without knowing it.

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In front of sambach school it remains at speed 50

A speed limit of 30 kilometers per hour in the area of the sambacher school, a pure elementary school, and the church was illegal and not tenable in court. This statement was made at the meeting of the pommersfelden town council not only by the head of the town council, fedor glinka. Police chief inspector peter kraub of the bamberg-land police force was also unable to give any other information to the mothers and children present in the town hall.

Christa lehmann from sambach has been campaigning for some time for greater traffic safety in the town. Together with other parents, she had submitted an application to the municipality for a speed limit of 30 km/h in the area of the school. Christa lehmann bases her application on the danger to children from fast traffic on the local thoroughfare. However, the motion did not find a majority for the reasons mentioned above. Only three council members voted in favor of a recommendation to the district administration office to reduce the speed limit.

Space for three buses
Fedor glinka explained the legal situation by saying that a speed restriction could only be imposed if it was justified by a special hazard situation. This means that the danger situation is "clearly different from normal conditions". A danger was given with obscurity, curves, bad construction or missing sidewalks. In the area of the sambacher school, however, this is not the case.
The waiting area at the sambach school is wide enough to accommodate up to three buses. But also the sign "children" is wise with the addition of "school on children's request.

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Of women’s understanding and stormy love

Of women's understanding and stormy love


The guesswork about the new coaches of the etwashaus handball women and men is over. Andreas trabold takes over the women in the bavarian league, andreas vielweber the men in the district league. Trabold wants to put his coaching career before that of a player in the near future. That’s why he will play actively with the TVE men, but only if it works out in terms of time.

Women clearly come first for him. Trabold has coached junior teams at TV etwashausen for many years. Whether that automatically qualifies him as a women’s handball expert remains to be seen. In any case, team leader caroline strabberger is looking forward to working with the team.

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