Police: effects of alcohol still underestimated

police: effects of alcohol still underestimated

During a traffic check on thursday morning, officers of the ochsenfurt police department detected the odor of alcohol on a female motorist. The result of the subsequent alcohol test is unambiguous. The woman has exceeded the 0.5 per mill limit. They are now facing a hefty fine.

Against 09.At 30 o'clock the police stopped the woman's car in order to subject it to a traffic check. Already during the first conversation the controlling officer noticed that the woman smelled of alcohol. When asked about this, the driver agreed to perform a test on a portable breathalyser. The result was well above the limit of 0.5 per mille.

In the further course the car driver accompanied the officers to the police inspection ochsenfurt. Another breath alcohol test was conducted there, this time on a special device that provides results that can be used in court. This saved the driver from having to have her blood taken.

The result of the second test was somewhat lower. However, the legal 0.5 per mille limit was not exceeded. Since a value in this promille range is still a regulatory offense, the road user gets off with a bubgeld.

Summing up:

The effects of alcohol and its rapid passage into the blood are still underestimated by many people. The lower limit of 0.5 per mille is often reached after the second glass of beer and is additionally dependent on gender, health, food intake and other factors.

Most often underestimated are the after-effects of a social evening. Even if people feel sober the next morning, they may still have dangerous levels of alcohol in their blood. It is not uncommon for driving ability to be significantly impaired, and the legal limits may be exceeded.

Already from a blood alcohol level of 0.3 per mille, the road user must reckon with massive legal consequences. If the determination of such a value alone does not represent a criminal behavior of the driver, it looks completely different, if it comes with this alcohol content in the body to conspicuous driving or even an accident.

In this case, the person concerned can quickly find himself facing a charge of drunk driving or even a traffic hazard, even though there was supposedly little alcohol in his blood – just to be on the safe side one goes thus only, if one is with 0,0 promille on the way.