Record year for the coburg airfield

Record year for the coburg airfield

On the brandenstein plain, takeoffs and landings are only permitted if visual flight is possible. "Fortunately, we’ve had a very quiet winter so far", says xaver rupp, managing director of the coburg aeroclub and flight director at the tower. Little snow, little ice, little fog. Wednesday was a different story: ten flights were canceled on the brandenburg plain because of fog. The pilots diverted to nurnberg for takeoff and landing.

How necessary is the airfield? This question has been asked again and again since there are plans to build a new airport with a longer runway in the coburg district. The question is being asked – louder – since the airport hof-plauen is being talked about because it is falling out of the route network due to the bankruptcy of the airline cirrus.

According to the air office of northern bavaria, in 2010 there were 5783 starts in coburg, 4901 in bayreuth and 3831 in hof-plauen. "It concerns the number of starts of motorized aircraft, gliders and ultralight aircraft. A differentiation of commercial traffic, private flights and factory traffic is not made here", explains gunther kiermeier, press spokesman for the government of central franconia, to which the northern bavaria aviation office belongs.

In 2010, instrument flight operations were still possible in coburg, i.E. The brandenstein plain could be approached even in poor visibility. The necessary exemption expired at the end of 2010.
Nevertheless, the number of flights did not decline in 2011: 5463 take-offs of motorized aircraft in non-commercial flight operations were recorded by the tower, plus around 1800 take-offs of gliders, sports planes and ultralight aircraft. Commercial flights (including sightseeing flights for money or commercial pilot training) are recorded separately.
Factory flights of company-owned aircraft, such as those used by kapp and brose, fall under "non-commercial". In 2011, there were 790 take-offs in commercial aviation. All in all, rupp estimates the number of aircraft movements (takeoffs and landings) in 2011 at around 15,500. This is a good 2500 to 3000 more than usual. From july, rupp hopes, instrument flying will be allowed again on the brandenstein plain. How the numbers will develop remains to be seen. Because in order to allow instrument flight, new safety strips must be painted on the runway. It will then officially also short.

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