Senior found exhausted but healthy

Senior found exhausted but healthy

At 20 o'clock the alarm was sounded. A 93-year-old lady from the liebfrauenhaus senior care center had left the house in the afternoon and never returned. As a result, she was reported missing by the home management. First, the leaders of the fire department, rescue service and police met in the evening to initiate an extensive search in the city area. The incident command was set up in the fire department's vehicle hall in herzogenaurach, with the rapid response group (SEG) "information and communication" also being deployed of the ASB erlangen-hochstadt took their place. The fire department reached out to the team and delivered a correspondingly large number of searchers. She quickly set fubtrupps, as well as all vehicles in motion and started after their allocation the search on fub and street paths within the city.

A command support system for the coordination of the fire department units was established. Furthermore, the rescue dog team of the bavarian red cross (BRK) was in action and deployed a total of nine flat search dogs and two so-called mantrailers to search open areas. The mantrailer can distinguish between different human scents during the search and, despite many temptations, orientates itself exclusively on the scent characteristics of the person being searched for.

Two police patrols were on duty, and a police helicopter with a thermal imaging camera was also briefly called in. Within the first half hour one decided for the demand of a drone, and/or. The multicopter of the standigen guard erlangens decided, with which likewise a search with warm picture technology is possible. All areas within the city area could be covered zugig.

After more than two hours, about 22.20 o'clock, a dog handler reported by phone to the command that the missing person was found by a search dog. She had been responsive, but had to be cared for by the ambulance service while exhausted. Anschliebend they brought to a hospital.

In total, nearly 70 personnel were mobilized for this operation, 40 of them from the fire department, 21 from the rescue service including the dog squad. All units were rewarded with the success of the search and could return after more than two and a half hours back to their locations.

The head of the rescue service thanked all involved for the good cooperation, which everyone could emphasize at the end. 

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