Simone wohnig is the new chairwoman

Simone wohnig is the new chairwoman

A new board was elected in the district association of the odp coburg-kronach. The previous district chairman jurgen ott was no longer available for office. Instead, simone wohnig from bad rodach was elected unanimously.

She has been a member of the odp since 2014. At that time, she was convinced by the commitment of the members. She herself sees that there is a lot to do in her first two-year term of office. She wanted to make the odp better known as an environmental protection party and especially to activate the younger people for it. She also met the odp's top candidate christoph raabs (the new federal chairman) and the leader of the "save the bees" petition!", agnes becker, to support her in her work.

Her husband erich wohnig supported his wife in her work as a board member. As "grobartig" she feels that the odp welcomes everyone with their ideas and energy and that people treat each other with respect even when they have opposing points of view.

Jurgen ott became deputy chairman. Angela buchner (neustadt) has been a member of the odp for 24 years and treasurer for the same length of time. Thomas buchner proposed before the election to reintroduce in the future the office of the secretary and the deputy secretary in the district association. The meeting agreed to this. Bianca bobeckert (heldritt) was elected as secretary and christiane muller (coburg) as deputy secretary.

At the meeting, the odp also officially nominated martin truckenbrodt as its candidate for county council (tageblatt of 17. November). Truckenbrodt is a native of coburg and grew up in untersiemau. Joined the odp in 2009. "For me, the odp is the most democratic party in germany", he emphasized. He moved to seltendorf in the sonneberg district in 2004 because of love.

The energy electronics engineer and IT administrator has been a member of the thuringian odp state executive committee since april 2017 and deputy state chairman of the odp thuringia since april 2018. In october, he was appointed chairman of the odp's southwest thuringia regional association and, in the same month, deputy member of the executive committee of the odp's national party conference.

According to his words, he is looking forward to the upcoming election campaign. His personal passion is the history of the franks, which reaches far into thuringia.

Petition for referendum approved

The odp launched the "save the bees and butterflies – stop the extinction of species" petition!". Just last thursday, the bavarian ministry of the interior announced that the petition for a referendum would be approved. The odp is now hoping that between the 31. January and the 13. February in the respective city halls, the eligible voters register to vote. Only if this preliminary last burocratic hurdle is taken, it can come to the referendum.

European election with question marks

Odp federal chairman christoph raabs reported from the federal party conference that the line-up for the european elections had been relatively harmonious. 99 people have been nominated. The only point of disagreement is the question of a percentage hurdle for the european elections. Should the larger parties push this through, a number of smaller parties, including the odp, are ready to sue. The smaller parties had to collect signatures for the european elections. 4000 signatures were needed for the odp. Raabs pointed out that this should not be a problem with an odp membership of a good 6000 people nationwide.

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