Stalemate at models for strullendorf festival site

Stalemate at models for strullendorf festival site

The offer is more than tempting for strullendorf: not just a new discounter, but a full-range store, a daytime cafe and other service providers on the old fairground site. In addition, either a residential development – possibly as a senior citizens' housing complex with care facilities – or a hotel. Coming from bamberg at the entrance to the town on the bamberger strabe, this ideally complemented and rounded off the community's urban development concept. For a good year now, the topic has been topical in strullendorf. Now the municipal council should make a decision.

Two regional investors presented their plans. On the one hand, arndt zauritz with the edeka markets stadter (bamberg, hirschaid, zapfendorf) and the architects bornhofen in the background. On the other hand, werner massak, self-employed edeka retailer with stores in memmelsdorf, litzendorf and bamberg and architect ulrich manz as planner.

Senior apartments or hotel
First, massak presented his store concept: a "generation market with an assortment of 20,000 to 25,000 articles, barrier-free from the extra coarse price labels to the pick-up service – customers are picked up at home by electric or hybrid car when they call – as i-dots. The roof of the market he wants to green or for a photovoltaic system free of charge to the community or for a burger model to make available.

Massak emphasized that he is primarily a retail salesman and that he brought the city planner on board because it was the municipality's task to design the entire festival square area. That is why he also proposes two sections. First the store is to be built, then the remaining space is to be developed.
For this architect manz presented different variants. The design is based on the neighboring linden avenue. Two or three buildings could be used commercially on the first floor, plus apartments or service providers on the upper floors, or a hotel, which has long been desired in strullendorf.

Zauritz also emphasized its intention to operate the full-range store itself. The store concept presented by massak is standard at edeka anyway. For the senior-friendly housing planned by the architects in two buildings with a first floor, two upper floors and a penthouse-like attic, he already has a pharmacy, a doctor's office and a bakery on hand.

In response to a question from council member christian beickert (SPD) as to whether residential development in the immediate vicinity of a supermarket makes sense at all, architect elmar bornhofen explained that this infrastructure is particularly important for senior citizens. There is a desire for shopping facilities without long walks. "Seniors do not want to go to the edge of the forest", said bornhofen. Georg dresel (CSU), on the other hand, buried a housing offer, but feared competition from the local provider in the case of assisted living. Criticism was voiced, however, mainly about the high level of the built.

Rejection in the event of a tie
Andreas kehl (neue liste) finally found both concepts to be good. Dresel also finally spoke of "two almost equal investors" and demanded a decision.In the vote, the two concepts each found nine supporters and nine opponents. Because, according to the municipal code, a proposal must find a majority and is considered rejected in the event of a tie, the committee thus rejected both applicants.

In order to find the desired solution for the square – i.E. To attract a full-service retailer and to create a "good calling card at the northern entrance to the town" in terms of town planning to create a new city, as city planner edith obrusnik put it, the people of strullendorf will have to come up with something. "The mayor and the administration are now challenged to develop a plan B", said mayor andreas schwarz (SPD). And he lets it be known that there are possibilities to cut the knot of stalemate.

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