Steffen coach warnatzsch continues after all

Steffen coach warnatzsch continues after all

"My motivation is to continue to accompany my group. I also want to say goodbye to competitive sports with better results than those of the 2012 olympics," warnatzsch told the dpa news agency.

The coach had announced his resignation during the games in london. "I was mablos disappointed about the performance of my athletes and the whole team," he now said about the reasons.

Britta steffen, who failed to reach the olympic semifinals in the 100-meter freestyle and missed out on the medal she had hoped for by finishing fourth in the half-distance event, wants to continue at least until the 2014 european championships in berlin. The world record holder wants to concentrate on the 50 meters freestyle. Steffen had signaled that she would like to continue working with her longtime coach and confidant. She is joined by olympic fourth-place finisher tim wallburger, tom siara and lisa graf, who moved from leipzig to berlin, in warnatzsch’s training group.

Steffen wants to compete in all world cup races for the first time in the short track season. The eight-station series will kick off on 2./3. October in dubai, the world cup in berlin will take place on 20./21. October instead of.

Warnatzsch has had numerous successes in his long career. Among others, he coached olympic champion jorg woithe, franziska van almsick and led steffen to a double olympic gold medal in 2008 and two world championship titles a year later.

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