Still no chairman at the hsv

In the sporting success of the hammerbach sports club, the elections for the board of directors have also failed in the second attempt, at least in part. For the chairman dietmar kleetz and the department head fubball again no successor could be found.

As was the case on 22. This time, too, the appeal by kleetz, second mayor renate schroff (SPD) and helmut seyrer went almost unheard. "I can not and do not like it at all imagine that there should be no more hammerbacher sports club, which can celebrate its 40th anniversary in the coming year", explained brusquely. After all, the club has an excellent reputation in the city, is in a good position and is a club with excellent youth work.

For this reason alone, the association should not be abandoned, and schroff suggested electing temporary members to the board of directors or electing assessors to the board so that the tasks can be distributed among the members several shoulders can be distributed.

The attendance of the extraordinary general meeting was not exactly exhilarating, as only 33 of more than 380 members found their way to the clubhouse – the majority of them players who were training that day. "All teams and parents were invited in writing, you can see the result, that is already disappointing", said kleetz somewhat frustrated. After all, around 100 children and young people have a sporting home in hammerbach. "It is a pity for the club and for the children.", said kleetz in the direction of the players.

So actually a jolt must go through some people and it konne in such a way no longer to go on. Kleetz predicted to the players: "it must be clear to you, where the journey goes, then you could train on the strabe." Kleetz as well as seyrer pointed out what has been created at hammerbacher SV. "Here is a showcase project for which people have worked and sacrificed their free time."

Dietmar kleetz once again made the offer that he will help the future board of directors. "I stand by it and my word is my bond". Kleetz was thus able to take over a large part of the bureaucracy, which has to do with the city, county and the like, from a new chairman.

Kleetz was also disappointed that no manager could be found for the first team. "It is sad that this cannot be regulated internally", he explained, pointing out that an external soccer player has shown interest in the project.

At least dietmar kleetz was able to present a new cashier, carmen king, as successor to michael stransky. When, on the suggestion of helmut seyrer, thomas cziesche agreed to take over the post of second chairman, kleetz was relieved and spoke of another piece in the mosaic. Cziesche’s son, eric, plays in the youth team and thomas cziesche was also active in club management during kurt zollhofer’s time at FC herzogenaurach.

The repeated call for a first chairman did not work, went unheeded and was met with silence.

Also for the restaurant business still helpers are to be ready, who support werner zahner and helmut seyrer in the sport home. "Where are your women?, asked kleetz the players present, who can well imagine that the leadership of the club can certainly become more female.

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