Successful test for the “genussplatz” in sulzthal

The first celebration on the new sulzthal village square with the wine festival at the weekend became a test festival. Especially in the falling darkness of the evening, the sophisticated lighting had an effect on the mood of the guests in the rather crowded square. People enjoyed dancing on the new pavement to the music of the band horch.

All the discussions about the village square that took place beforehand have been forgotten. Now they were allowed to celebrate with a lot of joie de vivre. The discussions about the wall cut at the old kindergarten are also silenced. There the guests had been pleased about the comfortable access to the bocksbeutelbar. "The wall breakthrough is now accepted", is member of the local council karl-heinz stahl (CSU/ wahlergemeinschaft) convinced. Although sulzthal fire department commander dieter halbig says: "this wall breakthrough was not absolutely necessary".

"I still experienced the old kindergarten myself", emil trautenbach is happy about the wall breakthrough. Trautenbach was one of the helpers who lent a hand to the village square project from the very beginning. The great lighting – especially the changing LED colors on the roof of the commercial building – can be traced back to trautenbach's creative work in the electrical sector. "I would like to see another fence on the road side for the safety of the children in the village square", suggests trautenbach.

Open creek attraction
An attractive attraction, especially on hot summer days, is the open brook area. Fubgangers and cyclists stop there and bathe in the kneipp way to refresh their fube. The fact that there should still be installed a stop bar, was suggested by the visitors many times. People particularly appreciated the cozy ambience around this village stream. Commander halbig: "here a pleasure place with great recreational value has been created, it can even be called an ornament".

The commercial building had obviously also passed its test of preservation. The queue of hungry people was quickly processed. The team of helpers in the cake area was satisfied. The arrangement of the cake stands makes ergonomic sense and the space is sufficient, a helper confirmed. Satisfied also the planner dipl-ing celebrated. Berthold schmitt the fruits of his labor.

"Our village square cost a lot of money, but it turned out great", praised the sulzthaler reinhold zeitler. He has no regrets about the demolished former grotto on the church wall. The official inauguration of the sulzthal village square is still to come: it will take place next weekend.

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