The “schlocht” is coming up

Langenleiten the "zante schlocht" is imminent. On saturday, 25. May , the tenth highlandgames will take place at 14 o’clock on the sports field langenleiten. The scottish games will start at about 3 p.M. The award ceremony will take place between 6 and 7 p.M. In the evening there will be a malle party with cocktail bar and happy hour from 8 to 9 p.M.

This year’s organizers are jens holzheimer and sabrina fritsch, the langenleiten volunteer fire department with commander steffen hildmann and the SV DJK langenleiten with chairman raphael hartmann.

According to scottish tradition

In eight disciplines the highlanders will compete against each other in this extraordinary spectacle. It is an entertaining competition according to old scottish tradition. Among other things, the teams compete in egg throwing, drinking, rubber boot throwing, rope pulling and beer crate stacking. There will also be two surprise disciplines again. The games will be held on the sports ground in langenleiten. Anyone over the age of 16 can participate.

A team consists of three persons. Trios competing in kilt pay lower entry fee. The prizes are money and vouchers. There will also be individual victory bonuses for the first teams and a surprise gift for all participants in the games.

Highland games come from scotland, they are considered a folk festival and were originally held to find the strongest and fastest manner of the country. Now the fastest and strongest rhoners are to be found.

It also gets wet sometimes

At the "tossing the wellie it is a long throw with rubber boots. At the "down a pint all participants of a team sit behind each other on a beer bench and hold a full glass of beer in their hands, which they have to drink one after the other as fast as possible. Participants who do not drink alcohol must declare this before the competition.

There are always several teams competing at the same time. "Tug-o-war" is a rope race. The first group to cross the middle line on the ground loses the race. At the maitsch-schopfe it gets wet, the participants have to lift as many full buckets as possible over a board wall as fast as possible. At the "catch the nessi it’s about standing firm on a slippery surface.

For those who want to participate in the highland games in langenleiten, the necessary information about the disciplines and documents can be found on the internet on the page: https://highland-games-la.Jimdo.Com