There were “insane results” at the lap race

There were 'insane results' at the lap race

47 shooters of the SV rottenbach, the SG rodach, the SG coburg, the SV creidlitz, the SV grub am forst and the SV itzgrund achieved very good results at this year’s round competitions in air rifle target shooting on district level (districts coburg, lichtenfels and kronach) in group 10. After the sixth and last round, it has become a tradition to award the most successful participants. Before the leaders renate and ralf schramm (SV rottenbach) went into action, renate schramm praised not only the sporting performance, but also the family atmosphere that could be felt during the competitions. "The round robin competitions were a "meeting among friends", renate schramm stated. For the less successful riders, she gave the well-meant advice to "hang on longer" after the shot, so not to take the rifle down immediately after firing the cartridge. "Shaking your head is of no use when the shot is already in the air", she said with a touch of irony.

According to renate schramm, the ranking of the best shooters was decided only at the last push. She spoke of "insane results". Christina kob from the schutzenverein itzgrund was the best of the best, with a score of 1901.5 rings (tenths) after six competitions of 30 shots each. After the fifth round ralf schramm (SV rottenbach) was still in the lead. He had achieved 1585.6 rings by then. Christina kob stood before the last round at 1583.3 rings. At the final push in coburg, the winner with 318.4 rings ensured that the pendulum swung in her favor. Ralf schramm contributed 313.3 rings, but then had to let the lady go ahead with 2.6 rings in 180 shots. In third place came renate schramm (SV rottenbach), who achieved a proud 1891 rings. For christina kob the result means that she averaged 10.56 rings for each shot. "Oberaffengeile" renate schramm was also able to report results in the consideration of the best shots. With a 3.1 part (hundredths of a millimeter off the center) wolfgang heinze (SV rottenbach) "only" reached the finish line the third place. Erika eck (SV creidlitz) was simply unbeatable here with a 2.2-part score and an incredible 1.0-part score, making her second and winner at the same time. Renate schramm did not fail to thank the coburg and creidlitz guardian clubs for providing their electronic slide bars. "Without the use of electronics, the round competitions could not be managed", she emphasized. Martin rebhan

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