These are the christmas markets in forchheim

These are the christmas markets in forchheim

The christmas fir tree already stands tall as one on the town hall square. The world's best advent calendar will soon adorn the "gute stube" again the scent of forchheim and gluhwein fills the old town. However, the preparations for this begin every year at a time when the people of burgenland are anything but in the mood for christmas: in the spring.

" We have already allocated the stands for the christmas market in may", reports sigrid mauser of the city administration. The attraction of the advent calendar in forchheim is so great that the city no longer has to make a big effort to attract market vendors. "We have our regular customers who come back again and again", explains sigrid mauser. Of course, the old bratwurst stall saying "food and drink always go together" pays off.

On the christmas mile between rathausplatz and kaiserpfalz, no fewer than five gluhwein booths offer the public a chance to stop for a drink.

In addition to christmas trinkets, there are also exotic things to discover this year: near the children's ferris wheel on pfalzgraben, there is a new stand selling indian arts and crafts. As always, the hobby art market opens its doors on the second weekend of advent in the courtyard of the imperial palace.

New is the catering in the museum's basement: for the first time, the kinderschutzbund is offering christmas treats here.

It's christmas at the hospital, too

After the closure of the town hall last year caused space problems for the associations' stands at the forchheim christmas market, the head of the tourist information office, nico cieslar, has now found a replacement location: the hospital. "We are happy to make our entrance hall available for a christmas market for clubs", explains deputy clinic manager margit hallmann.

The world store, the christuskirche, the aid organization beit shalom and the treffpunkt aktiv burger will provide an adventurous atmosphere in the foyer of the hospital. Not least a welcome opportunity for patient visitors to get a christmas souvenir. The christmas market in the hospital opened on saturday, 9. December, from 11 a.M. To 5 p.M. And on sunday, 10. December, from 12.30 o'clock to 5 o'clock.

Christmas tree-to-go for city council

This year, the municipal utilities have come up with an unusual christmas campaign: at their own christmas market on their company grounds, there will be an exhibition on the 8th of december. December "christmas tree to go, free. But only for selected customers – and city councillors!

This has put republican city councillor franz noffke on the spot, or rather the tip of the tree. He does not want to be "spoiled with special culinary delicacies" as offered on the invitation or even raffle the enclosed christmas tree voucher. "I consider such an event plus the gift of a christmas tree to town councillors to be a waste", zurnt noffke writes a letter to city utility boss reinhold muller, reminding him: "the task of the city utility is to supply the citizens of berlin with electricity, water and gas, and to do so at a reasonable price". Noffke asks to give his christmas tree to a family in need.

Christmas market for marketing

When asked about this by our newspaper, the head of the municipal utility explained that the internal christmas market was primarily a marketing event for the launch of "foone", the new appearance of the municipal utility as an internet provider. "We are starting with the fiber optic activation", says reinhold muller and emphasizes: "we have a 15 million investment next year – and that has to go well".

Therefore, to the christmas market grosskunden had been invited – and just also the city councils. These should be ambassadors of "foone" appear. Muller assures that a sufficient number of christmas trees have been ordered, some of which will of course be donated to charitable organizations.

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