Tire part on a 7 damages two semitrailers

tire part on a 7 damages two semitrailers

Two damaged semitrailers and a several-hundred-meter-long diesel lane on the A 7 near marktbreit (lkr.). Kitzingen) were in the night to tuesday the consequences of a burst truck tire. The freeway police estimate the total damage at around 6,000 euros.

Against 4.At 10 o’clock, according to the police, a 54-year-old truck driver from schleswig-holstein was driving his tractor-trailer in the direction of ulm. Shortly before the marktbreiter mainbrucke, a tire on his trailer suddenly lost air and shredded. A metal frame broke loose from the rim and remained on the roadway. Two truck drivers drove over the heavy tire part in the darkness. Only the front of the semitrailer of a 47-year-old man was slightly damaged.

When the 30-year-old driver of another 40-tonne truck tried to take the object between the wheels, the tire base of the burst tire was apparently thrown up so unhappily that a crack appeared in the left tank of the tractor unit. Fuel spilled onto the roadway, leaving a diesel trail that stretched all the way to the "fuchsloch" parking lot.

20 firefighters of the volunteer fire department marktbreit were on site. They tied the diesel leak in the parking lot and sealed the leak on the tank. The erbshausen freeway maintenance department took care of cleaning the main carriageway and warning road users with the appropriate signage.

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