Trane’s start at dressage-em: “shitty moment”

trane's start at dressage-em: 'shitty moment'

The tranes ran and ran. Jessica von bredow-werndl couldn’t stop her shortly after her ride at the european dressage championships at first. "Today it’s enough to make you cry," said the 33-year-old from tuntenhausen after the botched start: "i cried so much."

Nevertheless, the german team is on course for gold before the second half of the starting field on tuesday: first place ahead of great britain and sweden. It seemed as if dalera was trying to make the rider lose her mind. In the traversal the mare raised her tail and lightened up. Von bredow-werndl explained with wit: "that was a shitty moment, in the truest sense of the word."Or expressed differently: "she just had to go to the toilet."

An inopportune moment – especially because the horse had previously been "on a different level" in the preparation, as the rider explained. But in the dressage arena, dalera was dropping and could not show the lesson perfectly at the same time. That cost some percentage points. "There’s nothing you can do," commented national coach monica theodorescu: "jessi had problems with the appel and then fought great."

"A shitty start," said the rider, who regained her composure in the course of the ride and still showed a good grand prix. Despite the initial problems, the 33-year-old took the team into the lead.

After halving the starting field, the quartet was even more clearly in first place, because dorothee schneider was the second german rider to produce the best result of the first day, scoring 80.233 percent. "We want to continue like this," said the national coach.

Schneider also had slight problems at the beginning, but the 50-year-old from framersheim showed the best ride of the day with showtime. "It built up a bit of tension at the beginning," schneider commented on the problems and said, "i’m glad i could still deliver over 80 for the team."

The decision will be made on tuesday when sonke rothenberger from bad homburg rides cosmo and isabell werth from rheinberg rides bella rose for germany. There are more medals in the individual, in the grand prix special on thursday and in the kur on saturday.

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