Vfr katschenreuth is hungry for its first title

Vfr katschenreuth is hungry for its first title

The vfr katschenreuth is currently number 1 among the soccer clubs in the city of kulmbach. But the club from the village near the confluence of the river main has never been the indoor city champion. That should change – at the 36. The district league team finally wants to win the rundschau cup at the end of the season.

About 1000 spectators are expected on saturday in the sports hall weiher. But if you can’t be there, you won’t miss a thing. Because we report currently from 11 o’clock on this side live from the rundschau-cup.

Here’s what the leaders of the ten clubs have to say ahead of the tournament.

Vfr katschenreuth vfr coach detlef zenk has left it up to his players if they want to play in the hall. "We come with a good, young troop", says the 56-year-old. Even though the main focus of such a tournament should be on the fun of kicking, zenk cannot hide his ambition: "we have never been city champions in the hall, it is about time. Above all, we want to do better than last year, when we put in an anemic performance." Detlef zenk is a friend of futsal "because the technical side is in the foreground", and therefore thinks it’s good that the traditional indoor soccer "is not quite as hot as it used to be".

Vfb kulmbach vfb kulmbach enters the tournament as defending champion. Metzdorf coach ralf carl is looking forward to the rundschau cup: "i think it’s the best event of the year – pure emotion in a great atmosphere." The exchange with many familiar faces is also a plus point for carl: "everyone knows each other. It’s a great way for players, coaches and clubs to get to know each other." Vfr katschenreuth and ATS are the favorites for him: "basically, they are probably equipped with the technically strongest players. But we showed in last year’s finals what a team can achieve with the right attitude."

ATS kulmbach

Ralf werner ohnemuller has already won the rundschau-cup five times: as a player of ATS kulmbach (1996), as coach of TSC mainleus (2001) and vfb kulmbach (2002) as well as player-coach of TSC mainleus (2008 and 2009). Tomorrow he aims for his sixth strike with the district league team ATS. "If possible, we want to get the thing", says the 52-year-old, who himself no longer performs in the hall. Ohnemuller describes the BR cup as a "welcome change from the stressful district league series", in which for his ATS only the class preservation pays. Naturally, the indoor season is no more than a minor matter. "The players should enjoy the tournament and the atmosphere, but we haven’t prepared ourselves very much", says ohnemuller, who will field eight players and a goalkeeper. Returnee kevin kramarzcyk (last BC leuchau), at the rundschau-0cup 2014 goalkeeper king in the ATS jersey, is not yet present. BSC kulmbach the BSC kulmbach comes tomorrow with a young team. The hall has no priority for the blaicher, beckons but in the open the title in the A-class 6: "our focus is clearly on the league. The main goal for us is to get out of the tournament without any injuries", says BSC player-coach alexander stamm, who won the tournament and the goalscorer trophy with SSV kasendorf in 2004. Nevertheless, he wanted to see a committed performance from his players: "the spab is in the foreground, but of course we want to get as far as possible." Favorites for the BSC-coach are vfr katschenreuth and ATS: "the other teams are on about the same level." Stamm is pleased that the tournament is still taking place with a band: "i find the classic mode much more interesting than futsal." Vatanspor kulmbach A-class player vatanspor kulmbach is very much looking forward to the city championship: "for us this is a very important event, because there we can measure ourselves against the big clubs in kulmbach and also want to make them sweat", says head coach mehmet yilmaz. The goal is to reach the semifinals: "we want to at least get through the preliminary round, then we’ll see what happens next." He favors ATS and defending champion vfb. BC leuchau relegation threatened BC leuchau is fielding a mixed squad with players from the first team and the reserve team. "The city championship is always a high point of the year. Of course, the season is more important for us, but if we play, we want to get the best result and beat the rough teams", says the coach of TSV 08, says trainer torsten heumann. As the tournament leader, leuchau has "nothing to lose". Heumann didn’t want to name a tournament favorite: "in the hall, three or four players are often enough to make a difference." Whether futsal or with a cushion – the 44-year-old likes both types of game: "if you have a technically strong team, futsal is really good. But I think at our level the classic mode fits better." SV burghaig the burghaig coach manfred sahr wants to throw some of his younger players into the deep end at this year’s city championship. "We have some personnel worries anyway. That’s why it makes sense to give our young players the opportunity to play in a city championship in front of so many people." For him, his team is clearly in the role of the outsider. Nevertheless, sahr believes that his team can challenge one or the other favorite. Keyword favorite: for him vfb kulmbach and vfr katschenreuth are the strongest participants. However, he has BC leuchau on his mind as the secret favorite. For manfred sahr and his team two aspects are the main focus of this city championship: to have fun and to get out of the tournament without any injuries. On the subject of indoor soccer and futsal, he is divided: "I see advantages in both types, but futsal allows a lot more to be done technically. The pure indoor soccer with bande and co. But it’s more attractive for the spectators."

TSV melkendorf daniel sesselmann, player-coach of the A-class team TSV melkendorf, says: "at such a great tournament you always want to do as well as possible, but the competition is already enormous in the group stage." For him the vfr katschenreuth and the vfb kulmbach are the favorites for the title. In spite of all the positive atmosphere, the most important thing for him is an injury-free tournament. "We already have one or two injured players, so we don’t need any more." Sesselmann adds: "this is where indoor soccer differs from futsal – the risk of injury is simply greater. You simply have to play more with your head to protect yourself and your opponents from unnecessary injuries."

TSV 08 kulmbach "we have been able to train well in the run-up and are looking forward to the tournament. It is always a high point to play in front of so many spectators", says the coach of TSV 08 kulmbach, stefan sesselmann. He prefers to play his team in a 2-2-system, but notes that in the hall you always have to be in motion and therefore the basic system is never static in nature. Stefan sesselmann sees vfr katschenreuth as the frontrunner. "They probably have the nominally best squad." The question futsal or indoor football is not for him. "You always have to adapt, but in principle traditional indoor soccer is more attractive for players and spectators alike." TDC lindau marco drebel was already city champion as a player with the ATS and the vfb kulmbach, in 2002 even goal scorer king at the BR-cup. The 44-year-old was delighted to receive an invitation from his tdc lindau: "being there is everything, we want to have fun, soak up the atmosphere and get as far as possible." The rundschau-cup also has a social meaning for him, as it brings many well-known footballers together under one roof. "You see a hundred thousand people", drebel is looking forward to the new year’s meeting of the kickers. Because the lindauer start one day later also still with the futsal-county-championship in bindlach, they come tomorrow with a mixture from 1. And 2. Team and a few young. "We’ll put together a decent team", promises drebel, even though some older performers no longer wanted to play in the hall.#

Prizes and trophies

The four best teams in the rundschau cup were able to enjoy a nice sum for their team coffers. The bayerische rundschau offers a total prize money of 550 euros every year. The winner will receive 250 euros, the runner-up 150 euros, the third 100 euros and the fourth 50 euros. In addition, the city champion will receive the rundschau challenge cup. The city of kulmbach honors the fairest team with a trophy, the vfb honors the best scorer of the tournament with a trophy.

Trip to heidelberg

But also the spectators can win, but they should keep their tickets for the raffle. The main prize, a two-day city trip to heidelberg from 15. Up to 16. June, donated again by the reicecenter schaffranek. As 2. The first prize is a 100 euro shopping voucher from intersport leithner. The bayerische rundschau also donates two tickets for the concert of jethro tull on friday, 19. July, at the plassenburg. The 4. Prize is a 50-euro meal voucher for the "schweizerhof" restaurant, the host vfb kulmbach donates.

Preliminary round

Group A: ATS kulmbach, vatanspor kulmbach, SV burghaig, TSV 08 kulmbach, BC leuchau. 11 a.M: ATS – vatanspor 11.16 o’clock: TSV 08 – burghaig 12.04 o’clock: BC leuchau – ATS 12.20 o’clock: vatanspor – TSV 08 13.08 a.M.: burghaig – leuchau 13.24 o’clock: TSV 08 – ATS 14.12 o’clock: burghaig – vatanspor 14.28 a.M.: leuchau – TSV 08 15.16 o’clock: ATS – SV burghaig 15.32 o’clock: vatanspor – leuchau group B: vfr katschenreuth, BSC kulmbach, vfb kulmbach, TSV melkendorf, TDC lindau. 11.32 o’clock: katschenreuth – BSC 11.48 o’clock: melkendorf – vfb 12.36 o’clock: lindau – katschen. 12.52 o’clock: BSC – melkendorf 13.40 o’clock: vfb – TDC lindau 13.56 o’clock: melkendorf – katschen. 14.44 o’clock: vfb – BSC kulmbach 15 o’clock: TDC lindau – melkendorf 15.48 o’clock: katschenreuth – vfb 16.04 o’clock: BSC – lindau

Final round

Semifinals 5 p.M.: 1. Group A – 2. Group B 17.7 p.M.: 1. Group B – 2. Gr. A 3rd place match 6 p.M.: loser HF 1 – verl. HF 2 final 18.19 o’clock: winner HF 1 – them. HF 2

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