Walking, singing and praying

Fantastic views, historical reviews, interesting insights were offered at the ecumenical pilgrimage last saturday, along with impulses, songs, prayers. 20 people set off from the evangelical st. St. Michael’s church to the catholic parish church of st. St. John’s – but in a wide arc: over vineyards and forest paths, past wayside shrines, vineyard huts, mysterious figures, path crossings.

Every two years

For many years, every two years, there is such an ecumenical pilgrimage in hammelburg. A preparatory team from both denominations chooses a route and a theme. "He is the vine, we are the branches" it read this year. This sentence from the gospel of john (chapter 15, verse 5) is inscribed on the memorial stone on the road to the pulpit. It was erected there in 1982 at the end of the vineyard cleanup.

The group stopped at a total of nine stations. Between rows of autumn-colored trees, there was a view of the city and its two church towers. In addition, the participants were given an insight into the situation of the winegrowers and the importance of winegrowing for hammelburg. Both the evangelical pastor georg horn (†1603) and 300 years later the catholic pastor johannes martin (†1943) included viticulture in their pastoral work. Horn held wine-growing sermons for his congregation. Martin also took care of the impoverished winegrowers and founded the winegrowers’ cooperative 115 years ago. Documents of this can be found at an old weinbergshutte. Martin was convinced: "where there is a lack of daily bread, there is also a lack of faith". At the figure of amalberga the pilgrims had a wide view of the saale valley. They listened to the life story of amalberga of gent, a mystic who died in 772.

Praise for tapping

At a crossroads where the road finally descends into the seeshofer valley, everyone prayed psalm 104 together – a praise of creation. Another station was the rough lime tree with an impulse from the gospel of lucas. At the pieta on heroldsberg, it was once again about the vine and the twigs. Here the connection with god and with each other was the center of attention. Finally, the figure of laurentius awaited the pilgrims in the catholic church. He is a "wine saint" – presumably only in hammelburg.

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