Whatsapp scam: fake e-mail with payment request

At the moment many get again so-called phishing e-mails requesting the purchase of a whatsapp subscription, sent to. The goal of the scammers is always the same: to obtain personal data of whatsapp users.

The current scam is about the credit card number. Anyone who acts rashly and in panic can quickly fall into the trap.

Sender threatens to cancel your account: how to recognize the fake e-mail

The fake e-mail is with the concern "verlangern you your annual subscription whatsapp" or similarly titled. The "whatsapp messenger" is used as the sender displayed – warns consumer protection.

In the mail, the recipient is required to request the annual subscription within 48 hours. Otherwise, the account was deleted.

As soon as you click on links in the mail, you are directed to an external unknown website. There it is claimed that one can extend the account for one, three or five years. Who gives his data, transmits them directly to the scammers.

Whatsapp fraud: delete e-mail immediately

Who has such a fake-email in the mailbox, should in no case disclose his sensitive data and click on no links. Best loschen it the mail immediately.

If you have already given the data of your credit card, react immediately and block your card, so that the fraudsters can not abuse it.

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