Village store opens in pressig

Tomorrow, wednesday, a village store called "feko" will be opened in the center of pressig opened. Two women have the courage to run a business there, directly on the federal highway 85 and near the railroad station. As self-employed people, they want to improve the local supply of food. They wanted to achieve this with a wide range of food and drugstore products.
45-year-old heidi konrad and 55-year-old petra fellmann want to improve the quality of life in the town center of pressig in this way. From their previous, long years as shop assistants, they know that "people want to shop in the village"." Whether they are from the residential area "anger", from pressig-west or from the town center, they want short distances and fresh produce, preferably from regional producers, – the two women are convinced of this.
Konrad and fellmann are insiders. You know what customers love. Heidi konrad, a trained grocer from welitsch, has been employed for 18 years in the former neubauer supermarket in the same building. Petra fellmann from foritz has also been an experienced employee and saleswoman in the same business. When their boss, volker neubauer, took over a store in teuschnitz and closed the store also known as kez in pressig in april, both women were approached by many customers. They said that it would be a pity for pressig if there was no more grocery store there.

Customers as encouragers

Konrad and fellmann could understand this opinion. The courageous among their customers convinced them to open a new store in the same place. "We didn’t want an auntie-emma store or a supermarket. So it became a village store, DECLARE THEM. "Here we want to offer our customers all the means for daily life."
The mother of three children and grandmother of one grandchild, heidi konrad, and the mother of two children and grandmother of four grandchildren, petra fellmann, know what counts. And they got along very well with their customers. It is precisely on this understanding that they base their courage to open a new store. In addition to the short distances for the customers, they benefit from the fact that they obtain their goods from regional producers and mainly from the igros food wholesaler, which also supplies the rewe markets.
With passion and attention to detail, the two women have been renovating the store for weeks. They are waiting for their customers in bright, friendly rooms, equipped with a light counter and refrigerated display cases, which they would like to pamper with their food and delicacies with expert knowledge.
Tomorrow wednesday is the official opening from 8 to 18 o’clock. There are some surprises. The store has then opened on all weekdays.

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Heitec volleys eltmann win test match in hammelburg

After performances in schwaig and gotha, the eltmann heitec volleys were guests of the second division team in hammelburg for a test match last friday. Especially in the fourth set, you could see that the players were exhausted from the hard training session in the early afternoon. Eltmann ultimately prevailed 3:1 (25:20, 25:18, 25:17, 22:25).

Coach marco donat saw a "small step forward. "It was clear that the players would run out of steam as the game went on, and that mistakes would pile up", donat wanted to attach only little importance to the result. It was clear that TV/DJK hammelburg, which starts the new second league season next weekend in kriftel, is already a little further ahead than eltmann when it comes to fitness. For donat, the main objective was to improve coordination between the individual parts of the team. The heitec trainer was "quite satisfied" with the result.

Guest players from norway

There has also been a new face in the ranks of the first division leader. Peeter ostwik, 20-year-old norwegian national player "will help us out until the end of september", as donat explained. With mathaus jurkovics and luuc van der ent still with their national teams, the eltmanners have arranged for the norwegian to play as a guest player. A commitment of the 20-year-old is at least currently not up for debate. Fans and team met for the first time on sunday. At the meet and greet in the georg schafer hall, it was all about introducing the almost completely newly assembled team to the eltmann supporters. "It was a great afternoon. Great to sit down with the fans again after the long summer break", donat says about this PR action.

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Police: effects of alcohol still underestimated

police: effects of alcohol still underestimated

During a traffic check on thursday morning, officers of the ochsenfurt police department detected the odor of alcohol on a female motorist. The result of the subsequent alcohol test is unambiguous. The woman has exceeded the 0.5 per mill limit. They are now facing a hefty fine.

Against 09.At 30 o'clock the police stopped the woman's car in order to subject it to a traffic check. Already during the first conversation the controlling officer noticed that the woman smelled of alcohol. When asked about this, the driver agreed to perform a test on a portable breathalyser. The result was well above the limit of 0.5 per mille.

In the further course the car driver accompanied the officers to the police inspection ochsenfurt. Another breath alcohol test was conducted there, this time on a special device that provides results that can be used in court. This saved the driver from having to have her blood taken.

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There was a crash while turning

At the junction of berliner ring and zollnerstrabe on sunday evening, a vw driver disregarded the red light of the traffic light and collided with a fiat driver who had the right of way. No one was injured as a result of the only slight impact between the two vehicles, but property damage of around 7000 euros was caused. Owner causes damage of 1500 euros on the employee parking lot behind a supermarket in the moosstrabe was on sunday between 0.25 and 13.30 o’clock hit the rear of a black skoda octavia. Although the person who caused the accident had caused property damage of around 1500 euros, he made off without being recognized. Bicyclist leaves high property damage on sunday evening, witnesses in the podeldorfer strabe observe two bicyclists, one of whom hit a black polo car. After the cyclist had inspected the damage caused, both of them left the scene of the accident, although property damage of about 1000 euro was caused. Based on the description of the perpetrator, they were quickly caught. Thieves in the savings bank branch on sunday at around 16.30 a.M. A woman withdrew money from a cash machine at a savings bank branch in hauptwachstrabe. The customer accidentally left her purse on the machine. When she returned to the branch at around 6 p.M., an unknown person had in the meantime stolen the brown ladies’ leather wallet with identification papers and a two-digit amount of cash.

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Taliban attacks overshadow peace efforts

Taliban attacks overshadow peace efforts

Widespread attacks on two provincial capitals in northern afghanistan over the weekend overshadowed efforts to find a political solution to the conflict that has lasted nearly 18 years.

On saturday night, fighters of the radical islamic taliban first attacked the city of kunduz. An attack on the town of pul-e chumri followed on sunday morning. Dozens of people were killed or wounded.

The attacks came as efforts are underway between the taliban and the u.S. To politically resolve years of conflict. On sunday morning, the u.S. Special envoy for afghanistan zalmay khalilzad wrote on twitter that they are now on the verge of an agreement with the taliban. A few hours earlier, khalilzad had tweeted that he had raised the attack on kunduz at the negotiations in doha. Violence like in kundus must stop.

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Diakonie saves the association hilfe fur das behinderte kind coburg

diakonie saves the association hilfe fur das behinderte Kind coburg

The future of the association hilfe fur das behinderte kind coburg and its three subsidiaries is "as good as" in dry cloths. Dean stefan kirchberger calls himself a lucky man that he can put together what belongs together. It is expected that at the beginning of the school year, at the latest by the beginning of october, wefa in ahorn will take over 51 percent of the curative education facilities, the school support center and the medical-therapeutic facilities and thus become majority shareholder. 49 percent still subscribed by the association.
The merger had become necessary due to the financial difficulties the association had found itself in. "We are not doing this for reasons of content against economic reason", says the dean at a press conference, in which problems and future concerns of the employees were also addressed. Deacon franz K. Schon from the board of directors of the diaconia underlined the importance of the staff and made it clear that the merger will not lead to any layoffs or changes in the contracts of the employees.
Background and further information will follow.

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More illegal mull dumping in igensdorf – now the district office is investigating

More illegal mull dumping in igensdorf - now the district office is investigating

Weibenohe – asphalt deposits were found in the direction of the solar park near oberrusselbach. And a few meters further still much more. Other gauze was also dumped. Gauze, which has not only been there for a few weeks, as hella ziefer, the press spokeswoman of the igensdorf town hall, informs us.

The building authority had looked at the unrat on site. This could be assigned now clearly to the weibenoher flur. Mayor rudolf braun is also involved: "the asphalt deposits were made by a full-time farmer on his land." Allegedly it is a tested material which is to be used for road construction (we reported). The head of the municipality did not know anything about other gauze, nor was it part of his area of responsibility. That was a matter for the district office.

The people responsible there are currently checking whether the material is uncontaminated, which is why they are in contact with the grafenberg administrative community and the mayor of weibenoh. "An investigation report, which confirms the harmlessness of the material, is not yet available to us", says adrian huter, head of the waste law department. If the material is harmless, the mulch can be used for road construction.

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Despite restrictions: first day of school on the 17. September

Despite restrictions: first day of school on the 17. September

These are the teachers’ room, the principal’s office and the secretary’s office.

In the other 14 affected rooms, work is currently continuing. In all rooms, the side parts of the door elements are being sealed and cleaned. Afterwards, control measurements are also carried out in the rooms themselves and in the corridors. The work in other rooms has already been completed, and the control measurements are scheduled for the weekend. However, the results will not be available until monday, 16.September, before.

Since the company commissioned to carry out the work is very thorough, it can be assumed that the control measurements will be positive, according to the district office. Last thursday, a meeting was held with the school management, the school’s staff council and members of the parents’ council, as well as staff from the district administration office, and the current situation was discussed in depth. Many questions were discussed and debated, both on the subject of asbestos exposure in the rooms and on the subject of general renovation and the installation of containers.

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5000 Euros for the mayor of rentweinsdorf

5000 euros for the mayor of rentweinsdorf

The surprising turn of events for many listeners came after one and a half hours: judge uwe bauer asked the participants in the trial to come into the conference room. After that, the appeal hearing against the rentweinsdorf mayor willi sendelbeck (SPD), who killed the hunting dog "alex", was held at the bamberger district court on thursday of a neighbor, in return for a fine of 5,000 euros.

At this point, the trial court had heard two of the ten witnesses called and the defendant. "I didn't shoot the dog, so I'm innocent and expect to be acquitted", sendelbeck, who had also changed his defender in the meantime, announced right at the start of the trial.

After the verdict, it sounded different: "I'm not thrilled with the decision, because I have to pay, even though I didn't do anything wrong, said the 65-year-old. "I know the file inside and out, had sleepless nights." His defense lawyer said: "it was a question of whether a conviction should be handed down on the basis of the testimonies given?"

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Kulmbach siblings in the drug swamp

Kulmbach siblings in the drug swamp

A pair of brothers and sisters were charged with stealing empties at the district court in kulmbach on friday. The 31-year-old woman and her 21-year-old brother, who both had a long drug career behind them and had used the money to finance their heroin use, made a comprehensive confession.

Between november 2011 and january 2012, they had penetrated the land of beverage markets in kulmbach and the kulmbach brewery and stolen empties, on one occasion ten beer crates, on another occasion eight mineral water crates. "We always did it in the evening and handed in the crates right away", the accused admitted. However, they did not make a big haul. The total damage amounted to just 300 euros.

The court sentenced the woman, who had three previous convictions, to eleven months imprisonment, suspended for three years for preservation. In addition, she must undergo inpatient drug treatment and perform 100 hours of community service.

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